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Start-up RealVantage launches online co-investing platform
By Timothy Tay | January 16, 2020
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SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - Local start-up RealVantage has launched its online co-investment platform, which aims to help accredited investors and high-net-worth individuals access a global range of properties in various sectors and investment spectrums.

According to the founders, Keith Ong and Mao Ching Foo, through the RealVantage platform, investors will be able to choose from multiple investment options, including a stable income producing office in the UK, a townhouse development project in Australia, and a multifamily project in the US.

Ong says: “There is a myriad of investment opportunities that provide good risk-adjusted returns in different property sectors and investment modes. With RealVantage, our aim is to create access to real estate opportunities that fit the investors’ investment horizon and returns objectives.”

The company says it plans to widen its investor base in Singapore and Indonesia this year, and the platform is also looking to expand its investment opportunities beyond the UK and Australia.

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