The Working Capitol launched its second co-working location on March 13. Occupying 55,000 sq ft of space across 11 floors of the 19-storey tower at 140 Robinson Road, it is the biggest co-working space in the CBD so far.

According to Ben Gattie, co-founder and CEO of The Working Capitol, more than half the space has been taken up. “The number is changing by the day, especially now that people can see and appreciate the actual space,” he adds. Gattie is also seeing a lot of interest from corporations. “There’s a misconception that coworking is mainly for start-ups and SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises].”

One of the floors with collaborative workspaces at The Working Capitol on Robinson

the working capitol

The Working Capitol’s flagship location at 1 Keong Saik Road occupies 33,000 sq ft in a row of conservation shophouses. Since it opened in March 2015, the space has been fully taken up. The 350 members at Keong Saik Road come from a diverse range of companies.

Meanwhile, The Working Capitol on Robinson has a capacity of 700 members. Gattie hopes to attract an equally diverse mix of companies at the co-working space in the CBD. So far, companies that have come on board The Working Capitol on Robinson include a fintech lab by RHB Bank, real estate management services firm Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions and health and wellness start-up GuavaPass.

The dedicated workspaces at The Working Capitol on Robinson

the working capitol

Unlike The Working Capitol on Keong Saik, which is a sprawling space, the one on Robinson Road is a vertical space. The first two levels are the reception area, which has a double-volume ceiling. The Plain Vanilla Bakery is taking up the retail space on the first level, and another F&B operator will occupy a duplex unit. On the third level is boutique fitness provider Ritual, and on the fourth level is a members’ lounge, which is also open to the public.