United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an island nation in northwest Europe composed of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. England is the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles, and its capital, London, is a globally influential financial, commercial and cultural centre. Britain is sometimes used to refer to the entire United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has made significant contributions to the global economy, particularly in the fields of technology and industry. However, since World War II, the United Kingdom's most notable exports have been cultural, such as literature, theatre, film, television, and popular music, which draw from all parts of the country. The English language, perhaps Britain's greatest export, is now spoken in every corner of the world as one of the leading international mediums of cultural and economic exchange.

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Developer: EcoWorld Ballymore
Price Range: GBP 921,600 - 1,936,600
Size Range: 606 - 1,206 (sqft)
Property Type: apartment
No of Units: 709
Developer: St William - Berkeley Group
Price Range: GBP 655,000 - 2,350,000
Size Range: 453 - 1,267 (sqft)
Property Type: apartment
No of Units: 1843
Developer: Berkeley
Price Range: GBP 690,000 - 3,950,000
Size Range: -
Property Type: apartment
No of Units: 1477
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