‘Crazy Rich Asian’ actor is an astute property investor

By EdgeProp Singapore / EdgeProp | September 20, 2018 3:51 PM SGT
He may play a social misfit amidst a sea of well, “crazy rich Asians,” in the runaway hit movie of the same name, but in real life, Singaporean actor Pierre Png is a savvy property investor who is in control of his finances.
As is, the 44-year-old of Peranakan descent currently owns two properties with his wife, Andrea De Cruz, one of which they are renting out.
When it comes to buying properties, Png shares that location, proximity to amenities and size are some key considerations to look at.
He also highlights the importance of securing a good financing package. “A good deal can help you save tens of thousands of dollars, which you can put into renovation or furniture,” Png says.
For instance, because interest cost is one of the biggest expenses associated with a property purchase, it is especially important to find the best financing terms that work for you.
Image source: Redbrick Property Quotient
Earlier this week, both Png and De Cruz have been unveiled as celebrity ambassadors for our partner, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory. Established in 2014, Redbrick is an independent mortgage advisory that provides free advice from your loans selection.
Besides working (crazily) hard, the couple believes in learning sound strategies from others to invest their money, including managing their expenses.
For a start, it pays to constantly review your loan portfolio and look out for better interest rates when you refinance your property. This can potentially help you save thousands of dollars annually.
Get started with property investments by calculating your returns and affordability