10 Contemporary Hotel-Like HDB Bedrooms

By EdgeProp Singapore / Cromly | April 24, 2018 3:37 PM SGT
Coming home to a hotel-style bedroom—how seductive and sweet does this sound? How great would it be to take a staycation right inside your own flat? "A haven. That is a good word to describe what a bedroom can or should be—a place to get away from it all and recharge," says Stephen Saint-Onge, author of No Place Like Home.
Make yours a haven. Take inspiration from these contemporary bedrooms that exude comfort and a hint of luxury:
1. Fernvale Link by Artis Interior. A unifying palette of warm colours—common in hotel suites—sets the sophisticated tone of this HDB bedroom. Touches of luxury via the padded headboard, area rug, and glossy TV wall and the absence of clutter keep this bedroom comfy-looking.
2. Compassvale HDB by Image Creative Design. Keeping your bedroom neat and uncluttered is the first step to achieving a hotel-like space. Top it off with a luxury bed, plush and overfilled throw pillows neatly arranged against the headboard, and multiple layers of light...and the result is a bedroom as relaxing as this one!
3. Fernvale Apartment by Designscale Interior Architecture & Design. Have you ever noticed how hotel bedrooms rarely go for hardwood flooring? They always go for inviting and soft flooring—carpets, usually. As illustrated by this bedroom, you can stick to richly textured rugs in neutral shades to achieve your desired look.
4. Punggol Walk by Le Interi Design. This contemporary bedroom gets it right with its layered linens and pillows, layered lights (from recessed lighting behind the TV walls to the ones on the ceiling and wardrobe), and uncluttered flooring (no cords, no clutter in sight). Even the sleekness of the wall-mounted TV and the feature walls takes us back to contemporary hotels we've been to.
5. Tampines Central 8 by Artis Interior. Designers believe that the most important thing in a hotel-style bedroom is a luxury bed topped with rich bedding sets and layered pillows. In this bedroom, the bed with the tufted headboard takes centerstage. Glam accents like the statement ceiling lamp and recessed lightings complete the look.
6. Simple Contemporary by Meter Square. Hotel bedrooms do not need a lot of furniture pieces, and they despise visual clutter. This bedroom keeps it clean and minimal, simply relying on the luxe bed frame and headboard for a stylish boost. The floor-to-ceiling curtains scream hotel-chic.
7. Yishun Street 51 by Artis Interior. Warm neutral palette, varying textures, and cove lightings are some of the elements that make this contemporary bedroom look like a fancy hotel suite. This bedroom also echoes another signature hotel trait: a cosy reading room/workspace at the corner.
8. 3 Room HDB by Objet d'Art. This bedroom uses mirroring, which is a common hotel styling trick: the bedside tables and accessories mirroring one another. Neutral tones, fitted bed sheets, and layered lightings reflect hotel aesthetics. Black and white circular patterns on the wall spice the look up.
9. Punggol Walk HDB by Loft 8 by Ciseern. Another thing that stands out in hotel bedrooms is the way the bed's made: snug and arranged to perfection. This bedroom successfully replicates that. Thanks to its wooden headboard and walls and recessed lightings, it's definitely a cosy place to retreat into.
10. Resale 5 Room HDB by Space Vision Design. Devoid of clutter, this bedroom with thepadded feature wall, comfortable chaise lounge, and luxe finishings reminds us of luxury European-style boutique hotels. The placement of the TV is also typical of hotels.
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