12 Design Ideas For A Cheerful Yellow Kitchen

By EdgeProp Singapore / Cromly | May 22, 2018 12:24 PM SGT
12 Design Ideas For A Cheerful Yellow Kitchen
Yellow is such a cheerful colour. Nothing could be sunnier than this bright, warm shade which is perfect for your kitchen.
Brighten the mood in your kitchen by choosing this colour. Here are ways to to use yellow in the heart of your home.
1. Yellow cabinetry is sure to enliven your kitchen, and encourage you to spend more time in here.
2. Yellow and green go well together. A hint of mint green on a yellow kitchen brings out some rustic vibe.
3. Blue also looks good with yellow. Use it to accentuate a yellow kitchen and to achieve that Caribbean look.
4. White isn’t the standard colour that you can use for kitchen backsplash. Try yellow tiles for that instant vibrant vibe.
5. Or, if you are not ready to paint your kitchen walls yellow, you can just purchase kitchen items in this energetic hue.
6. Freshen up your space with accents in citrus yellow.
7. Complement your grey kitchen walls with sunny yellow under-counter cabinets to instantly uplift the mood in this space.
8. Creamy whites with yellow undertones help liven up your kitchen. It gives your kitchen a more feminine and country touch.
9. You need not paint your entire kitchen in yellow. Wallpapers, window blinds, rugs, and even kitchen towels with a touch of yellow will give your kitchen a burst of energy.
10. Give your industrial-style kitchen a bit of flair with a pop of yellow lighting fixtures and chairs.
11. Welcome your guests with matching kitchen walls, backsplash, and cabinetry splashed with this vibrant colour.
12. Turn your kitchen wall into a lovely gallery by placing an appetisingly artwork.
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