7 Little Changes You Can Do For Your Home This CNY

By EdgeProp Singapore / Cromly | January 25, 2018 6:16 PM SGT
Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for Singaporeans. As we soak up in the festivity that lasts for 15 days, it is always a time to reunite with our families, honour deities and ancestors, and welcome the new lunar calendar with much hope in our hearts.
With the festive vibe that is felt in the atmosphere, the new year also brings with it a renewed opportunity to change. Don’t have a heart yet for big changes? Here are a few ways how to make little changes in your own home:
1) Reduce your plastic use
As anti-waste groups aim to cut down use of plastic in Singapore, you can help the campaign by minimising, and eventually cutting down, the use of plastic in your home. Use reusable containers for waste. You can bring your own eco-bags and containers when grocery shopping. Also, you can use natural products like wood and bamboo to replace your plastic utensils and other kitchen materials which can have terrible long-term effects, especially for children.
Tip: Inject some vintage vibe into your abode by repurposing old mason jars. Here are 21 amazing ways you can use this little piece of glass.
2) Get into the habit of recycling
Instill the habit of recycling in your kids by starting it at home. Much of your waste at home can be recycled so use this opportunity to be creative and make these wastes useable. Start by having a recycling plan at home by using separate containers for paper, aluminium, glass, plastic as well as other wastes that can be reused and recycled.