9 Condos You Buy for Convenience

By Yong Yun Lin / The Edge Property | June 21, 2016 2:25 PM SGT
Don’t we all love convenience? We love having our favourite char kway teow anytime we want. We enjoy the short stroll to the supermarket in the evening to pick up our groceries. We prefer locations that are within MRTs. Need a dress right before the banquet? A mall is just right around the corner.
Connectivity and convenience are crucial for many when it comes to choosing a place, and this is why many properties in Singapore are marketed to promote nearby amenities. However, do we truly know which project offers the best selection of amenities? Thankfully, with the help of data technology, we now have some guidance.
We’ve crunched through millions of data points to find you latest projects with the best convenience or connectivity. For connectivity, we looked at the availability of MRTs, LRT stations and bus stops within 500m from the respective projects. For convenience, we looked through a diverse range of 14 amenities within the same radius — shopping malls, ATMs, bank branches, childcare centres, clinics, community clubs, dentists, groceries, kindergartens, libraries, national parks, petrol stations, hawker centres, schools and sports club. We built in an algorithm to account for the marginal returns of each variable, e.g. having 3 bus stops are less beneficial than having a combined amenities of 1 MRT, 1 LRT and 1 bus stop. We also account for the importance of each amenity, e.g. having a good school nearby is probably more important than a prominent hawker center for most people.
With these in place, we are pleased to present you a list of new condominiums you might consider buying (in no particular order), based on convenience. In our next write-up, we will shift our focus to projects which offer the best connectivity.
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Condos you buy for convenience in Core Central Region (CCR)
1. DUO Residences
DUO Residences, a joint iconic development by Malaysia’s Khazanah and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, is located right at the heart of Bugis. Expected to be completed in 2017, DUO is surrounded by eight popular shopping malls, such as Bugis Junction and Suntec City Mall. It is also home to a number of historical sites and important monuments. Feeling like a bookworm? Singapore’s central library is a 5-min walk away. This project would also likely generate strong rental yield, given the...