This couple told us how much they spent on their home... and we can't believe it!

By EdgeProp Singapore / HipVan | May 28, 2018 4:54 PM SGT
Interview with Dominic
As a newlywed, moving into your first home is extremely fun but comes with its own set of challenges too. We sat down with newlywed, Dominic (27), to talk about how he furnished and renovated his 4-bedroom (BR) for only $42,000!
Us: Maybe you'd like to tell us more about yourself?
D: Myself? I’m 27, just got married last year, coming to our 1 year anniversary. My wife is not around for the interview because she has to work. I help run my family business! Being married is fulfilling and very challenging at times, but it is extremely rewarding and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Us: You got married so young!
D: Yeah, We got married at 26 but we started dating at 20. I met Rebecca in JC but we didn’t start dating then! Eventually it worked out *beams*
Us: Why did you decide with this home?
D: Because, 1. You don’t find a 4BR with such a big space anymore,and most importantly - the apartment is located is near to our parents’ places. My parents live in the same estate, and Rebecca’s parents live 5 mins away as well. So for us, it was a move that made sense for everyone.
Us: What was your inspiration behind the design for your home?
D: We wanted something that was cosy but not cookie cutter. Rebecca doesn’t like things that are trendy, so every single piece that we bought was thought through.