Covid-19 likely to impact housing design: Knight Frank

By Valerie Kor / EdgeProp Singapore | September 16, 2020 1:00 PM SGT
Knight Frank survey -EDGEPROP SINGAPORE
A Knight Frank survey of 160 global developers revealed that 75% of developers will consider adding home office spaces in new projects
SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - Six in 10 developers have delayed projects during the Covid-19 outbreak, due to a disruption in supply chains as well as a rethinking of how and where people want to live, according to a survey conducted by Knight Frank among 160 global developers across 22 nations.
Four in 10 have responded that they will make changes to project designs to take into account new trends as a result of the pandemic. 75% of developers surveyed say they will consider adding home office spaces in view of continued flexible work arrangements.
A third of developers are considering adjusting the mix of residential and commercial elements by introducing rentable desk space, individual pods and business suites.
“Business facilities and amenities within developments can offer flexibility. For example, having big communal board rooms but also individual business pods with video facilities so you can easily work or be on a video conference with privacy and without interruption,” says Victoria Garrett, head of residential (Asia Pacific) at Knight Frank.
Two in five developers also say that they would be more sensitive to the requirements of the domestic market moving forward. Additionally, 38% of developers will also consider more cycling facilities to promote sustainability.
Virtual viewings are here to stay too. Two-thirds of respondents saying that they see sales geared towards virtual offerings such as webinars. These developers believe that virtual viewings enable more interaction with home buyers and offer them a better experience.