DP Green’s Yvonne Tan on the future of landscape architecture

SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - Unveiled in 2017, Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is Singapore’s first integrated community and lifestyle hub and features facilities such as a 30-lane bowling centre, an arts theatre, a five-storey library, a festive mall, and a community club.
Conceptualised by the People’s Association (PA), OTH represents a new model of community-focused development. But beyond this, OTH is also a symbol of the evolving scope of landscape architecture, says Yvonne Tan, director of DP Green.
DP Green was the landscape architect behind OTH. With 179,759 sq ft of landscape area, Tan and her team had to liaise with OTH’s 12 government agencies to come up with a design that was in line with the PA’s vision of creating a sense of community.
“Landscape architects call ourselves stewards of the environment. Although we look at sustainability, biodiversity and so on, one key thing is placemaking,” she says. According to her, this entails creating spaces of varying sizes to allow activities to occur as opposed to forcing programmes to work in a specific space.
For OTH, DP Green worked in tandem with DP Architects to create multiple layers of spaces using sky terraces for the development’s different users.
“It’s not just about having an event planner come in. You need to also create that space and create that progression of experiences,” she elaborates. With this in mind, OTH’s East-West Spine incorporates a myriad of plants that can grow in the shade within the five-storey high atrium.
Our Tampines Hub (Photos: Samuel Isaac Chua/EdgeProp Singapore)
Green features ranging from umbrella to palm trees were added to the seating and event areas. A musical fountain at the Central Plaza of the East-West spine also doubles up as an event space for adults and children.

Personality of space

In addition to space creation and tree-planting, Tan says it is just as important to predict the user personas of the space. “Once we identify the user personas or who the target audience is, we can then tailor the landscape and design solutions towards what would fit,” she says.
Apart from aesthetics, she believes landscape architecture should also be about adding some- thing to...