EdgeProp Halloween: The House by The Edge

By EdgeProp Team / EdgeProp | October 22, 2018 2:10 PM SGT
This Halloween, EdgeProp presents ‘The House by the Edge'.
We dare you to be a winner! Stand a chance to win a $100 Takashimaya voucher. ​
'The House by the Edge' on Koni Island was originally owned by two sisters who owned the Rakshasa Palm company, renowned for selling palm oil.
The sisters, known for their exceptional wealth and beauty, were brought up by their adoptive mother, a Thai 'bomoh' lady known as Mama Yin. Mama Yin was well-known within the Singapore’s local community for selling Luk Thep dolls.
History of Luk Thep dolls
Luk Thep dolls are also known as 'angel children'. In the olden days, people cared for their Luk Thep dolls like their own children, in exchange for wealth and beauty. Mama Yin gave the sisters a doll each on their 13th birthday. Since then, the girls have been obsessed with dolls.
The dark history of ‘the house’
In the early 1980s, the sisters suddenly disappeared, leaving the house uninhabited from then. Rumour has it that the older sister was possessed by her dolls. The government recently took over the ownership of the abandoned house as the house has remained unclaimed for decades. It was then auctioned and bought over by a foreign tycoon.
However, just four days after getting the home, he passed away mysteriously. His family then decided to sell the house and its belongings for the price of only $164k - at way below market value - as they believed that the house was cursed.
Do you dare to enter?