Essential Items for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

By Hipvan / Hipvan | August 31, 2017 9:00 AM SGT
One of the most underused rooms in any home is the guest bedroom and usually is the last room we tackle when putting the final decorating touches to our house or apartment. However, the guest bedroom is the one place where we can experiment with different styles or themes, knowing that our visitors are going to give the nod of approval or shake of disbelief when they enter the room to drop off their travel bags.
It is the same facial expressions you make when you grin from ear to ear when you enter a beautiful boutique hotel room in Venice, Italy as opposed to the horrifying “what have I got myself into” look when walking into an overpriced three-star shoe-box sized hotel room in East London.
The simple truth is we always leave the guest bedroom to last on the to-do list of home decoration activities because it is used less frequently compared to the main living areas.
When you buy your first home or take out your first long-term lease on an unfurnished home, you always start with buying the bare essentials for the guest bedroom; a high-quality bed frame and mattress, a sturdy wardrobe, two bedside lockers and a bedside lamp. Styling usually does not come into the equation until a few months later when you are fully settled into your new abode.
16 home decoration experts were asked for their opinion on the essential items for a cozy guest bedroom. Here are the 10 most common results, ranging from wifi password to extra blankets and is the perfect starting point for you if currently looking to decorate and furnish your guest bedroom.
This infographic from will give you the necessary guidance on how to decorate the perfect guest bedroom for your friends and family members who come to visit.