Family-friendly, Resort-lifestyle Condo

By The Interlace Connections / Capitaland Singapore | July 4, 2016 4:06 PM SGT
Unique architecture, spacious apartments and ample facilities are some of the attractions at The Interlace for the Tjiunardi family
In 2010, the Tjiunardi family of six — with three children aged 10 to 14 and a live-in maid — had outgrown their 1,200 sq ft, three-bedroom unit in an old private condominium.
The family wanted a brand-new condominium with spacious, well-designed units and a myriad of amenities that the whole family could enjoy. The project that stood out for them was undoubtedly The Interlace.
James Tjiunardi, a 44-year-old private investor, liked the development so much that he purchased a 3,477 sq ft, four-bedroom unit with a private roof terrace as the family’s primary residence in 2010. The following year, he purchased a 1,755 sq ft, three-bedroom unit for investment.
The Tjiunardi family in the favourite part of their home — the bright and spacious living room
Resort Environment
The Interlace is nestled in the heart of Southern Ridges — a 10-kilometre green belt of scenic nature trails and treetop walks. The landscaped gardens and parks within The Interlace’s 8-hectare compound are inspired by the lush, natural surroundings. The 31 interconnected apartment blocks stacked in a hexagonal arrangement also allow the creation of cascading sky gardens, as well as private and public roof terraces for residents’ enjoyment.
“The way the blocks are laid out — with all the different gardens, parks and water features — makes us feel like we’re living in a five-star hotel resort instead of a typical condominium project,” says Tjiunardi’s wife, Christmin.
The private roof terrace is where the Tjiunardis host a number of family gatherings