Halton partners industry leaders to build property data-leveraging platform

/ EdgeProp Singapore
April 7, 2020 7:18 PM SGT
Indoor air solutions provider Halton Group is partnering six other industry leaders to build a platform that pools together real estate data.
Called the Keko ecosystem project, it will see Halton and the six players — KONE, Nokia, YIT, Caverion, VTT and Netox — contribute their respective expertise to promote the use of real estate data.
So far, the lack of real estate pooled data platforms have been a “major barrier to the best possible development of data-driven property management and smart buildings”, says Halton, which deals with indoor air systems and integrated lighting solutions.
The project is funded by Business Finland. Its first-use cases will be completed in the first part of 2020.
“By providing actors of all sizes and perspectives with easy access to data through a single platform, we can offer entirely new opportunities to create holistic, human-centric indoor environments that combine smart comfort and safety with environmental friendliness and economy,” says Mika Nieminen, director, strategy, business development & IT, at Halton Group.
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