HDB Grants: What are you eligible for?

By Qanvast / Qanvast | June 7, 2017 10:50 AM SGT
Purchasing a HDB is one of life’s biggest milestones, and it doesn’t come cheap. The good news? There’s a number of government grants available, which should ease the strain on your bank account! But, which subsidies might you be eligible for? We did the groundwork and got it covered in this comprehensive guide to HDB grants.

For First-Timer Couples

Note: This refers to first-time couples who are both Singaporeans
Juggling between planning a wedding and putting together a place to roost definitely puts a dent to one's savings! But fret not, whether you’re looking at purchasing a BTO, resale or Executive Condominium (EC), HDB has plenty of grants to lighten the load for first-timer couples.
Use this flowchart to find out what type(s) of grants you and your partner qualify for!

New homeowners often make the majority of HDB buyers, but what if you're not a Singaporean citizen or it’s your second time tying the knot? Don't worry, there are grants for you too; HDB has several grants made to alleviate the financial burden for various types of homeowners.

Other Grants You Might Be Eligible For

1. For Singles (Above 35)
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Here’s the icing on the cake for all you strong, independent individuals out there - a place to call your own! For singles above 35 years, the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette pad is within reach, with four HDB grants making it closer than it seems:
1. Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) for Singles
What is it?: Subsidies of up to $20,000, for new or resale, 2-room Flexi flats or larger in non-mature estates, depending on monthly income. Requirements: Monthly income does not exceed $2,500.
2. Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG) for Singles
What is it?: Subsidies of up to $20,000, depending on monthly...