HOME DECOR: 5 easy ways to use Chinoiserie

The last day of the Chinese New Year was more than a month ago, but Chinese-inspired designs are still very much visible on the world stage.
In interior design, Chinoiserie – which means “Chinese-like” – remains a popular style in Europe and the US. The craze for all things Chinese was sparked in 17th century Europe, thanks to an increase in trade and relations between Europe and China then. From the 1600s onwards, inspired by traditional lacquered furniture from the Middle Kingdom, Dutch and English makers began producing their own versions.
In today’s globalised world, Chinese culture and civilisation isn’t quite as alien as it once was, so here are a few tips on how to get on the Orient, Express.
1. Furniture
Orientalise your interior with a simple swap of fabrics, or invest in statement pieces that embody the incredible artistry and craftsmanship of Chinese woodwork. Kartell’s popular Mademoiselle chair is sheathed in a vibrant fabric splashed with peonies and lilies. Moroso’s armchairs – such as the Antibodi, Bohemian, Chandigarh or Volant – can be dressed in a delicate floral Rubelli fabric. Carl Hansen & Son’s iconic Wishbone chair pays homage to antique Chinese yoke back chairs, while xO Design’s Mi Ming chair is a playful modern take on the same concept. At the high-end, there’s Baker’s Commode in gold and black lacquer and George III Oriental Lacquer Cabinet in a jaunty shade of royal blue.
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Moroso Bohemian Armchair
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Kartell's Mademoiselle Chair
2. Rugs
For a bolder approach to Chinoiserie, lay down a rug with vivid patterns such as Tibetan tigers or Chinese dragons. The best pieces are often vintage or antique, with sites like 1stdibs and Nazmiyal Antique Rugs offering a fine selection. If you’re a fan of blue-and-white porcelain, consider Moooi’s Model 1 carpet, designed to look like a super scaled-up version of...