House Tour: Ying and Robin's Fuss–Free Japanese Minimalist Home

By EdgeProp Singapore / Cromly | June 19, 2018 4:37 PM SGT
The Japanese style of minimalism has found its way into Singaporean homes in the last couple of years. It's not surprising though—homeowners have come to love the focus on eliminating unnecessary frills in their interiors, such that the home's style evolves around clean and uncluttered living.
Software engineer Robin, 31, and graphic designer Ying, 28, and both agree that Japanese minimalism is how their dream home should look like. So they engaged The Minimalist Society to work on their 4-room HDB unit in Boon Lay, spending a total of $45,000 on renovation works.
"We watched quite a lot of Japanese shows related to renovation and house tours, and we were inspired by how they designed the house to be simplistic yet being able to utilise storage space fully. We believe that form follows function and a beautiful house should also be practical—a house where we are able to relax and be comfortable, and should also be easy to maintain," quips Robin.
Check out this couple's clean and uncluttered HDB home:
Ying explains, "We wanted a bigger living room so we hacked a bedroom adjacent to the living room to create a huge space that we can host our friends for parties and gatherings. The hacked space became the relaxation area and we have placed bean bags and bookshelves to make it even more cosy. It is one of best places to relax during the weekends."
One of their fave furniture pieces in their home is the modular sofa from Muji....