House Tour: A Young Family’s Edgy Contemporary HDB Maisonette

By EdgeProp Singapore / Cromly | March 14, 2018 4:44 PM SGT
The G Maisonette—designed by Regina Chen of 0932 Design Consultants—was given the gold recognition at the Design Excellence Awards Singapore, an annual major event organised by the Interior Design Confederation Singapore. Stepping into this bright and spacious home, one easily agrees that it’s worth the accolade.
According to its designer, G Maisonette is a 29-year-old public housing built in the mid-1980s. Contemporary touches beautifully blend with the home’s industrial approach on exposed concrete and metal profiles.
“The space was kept as simple as possible to give freedom to the naturally beautiful interior architectural elements and beautiful furniture to speak for themselves,” muses Chen. “In general, it is the atmosphere of the entire interior setting that the owners are delighted about. We do strongly feel that allowing an abundant supply of natural daylight was the key design strategy to add vibrance and warmth into the cool and white setting.”
Check out the beautiful award-winning HDB maisonette that has been home to a young couple and their kid since 2013:
“The proposed existing sliding doors in the balcony to pivot doors not only recreate a sleek look but they also maximised the natural cross ventilation or stack ventilation effect when all the doors and windows panels are kept open,” says Chen.
“The typology of a double story maisonette creates an opportunity for maximum natural lighting and ventilation,” explains Chen. “The idea of opening the second-story wall for unobstructed view materialized the designer’s intention of maximising natural lighting to the originally dark stairwell.”
One of the challenges for the designer was to maintain the existing sanitary position while fulfilling the homeowner’s request of having an additional bathtub. “We took the opportunity to reduce the oversized corridor and give back to the master bath. The extended space behind the toilet is converted into storage shelve,” says Chen.
Chen advises homeowners, “Try to keep the space clean and minimum with controlled standard colour scheme. This gives focus to any feature wall, main artwork, and furniture set.”
Renovation Details Type of property: HDB Maisonette
Total space: 1,570 sq ft
Interior designer: 0932 Design Consultants
Budget: Approx. $120 PSF
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