How to Avoid 9 Most Common Design Mistakes

By EdgeProp Singapore / HipVan | July 13, 2018 6:03 PM SGT
Everyone wants their home to look just the way they want it- picture perfect.
However, amidst all these hectic scheduling and arrangements of interior design consultations, constructions and furniture arrangements, sometimes, we tend to forget the tiny details which affects the interiors of our home.
Fret not, here’s a guide on how to avoid the 9 most common design mistakes which we often tend to overlook!
1. Matching Everything
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As much as we love to simplify our styling decisions by purchasing matching furniture sets, it is not always an advisable option because sometimes, just sometimes, it may look as if you bought your room off the furniture store floor instead. An overpowering sense of uniformity. Where's all the appeal in that? What you might want to try is to perhaps mix it up to create more interest and depth in your living space. Try swapping the chair or ottoman with one from another room and realize the difference!
2. Over-Accessorizing
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Less is more. Over-accessorizing your living space can make it look cluttered and messy. Instead of putting up small pieces of accessories and furnishings, try to have one big statement piece.
3. Grouping Objects in Even Numbers
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With odd number groupings such as in 1, 3 ,5, or even 7, the arrangement of objects would definitely appear more interesting as opposed to the traditional even grouping. Do so especially for the cushions on your sofas!
4. Everything the Same Height
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