This Is How The Home Of An Extrovert Looks Like

By Hipvan / Hipvan | September 27, 2017 10:00 AM SGT
Do you love meeting new people? Does being alone makes you feel lethargic? If you answer is 'yes' to both questions, then it is likely that you might just be an extrovert!
Extroverts are natural social butterflies. Unlike introverts who needs to "recharge", extroverts feels even more energized after a social event. To extroverts, home is a great place for hosting parties and spending time with friends. So, how will this home a of an extrovert look like?
1. Open-concept
Extroverts love being in a buzzing, crowded room, hence they may prefer an open-concept home where everyone shares a common space. In fact, extroverted people are found to be more productive in a place with social interactions.
2. They always have food
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Extroverts like to be always prepared for guests, so chances are they have plenty of food stored in their houses. Living alone? That won't stop them from stocking up staples for 10 people!
3. Circular seating arrangement
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Count on an extrovert to have enough seats in their living room. Usually, they also place it in a circular seating arrangement around the coffee table to facilitate group conversations.
4. Decorating with their guts
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There are apparently no rules when it comes to decorating for extroverts. If they see something they like, they find a spot in their homes for it. Period.
5. Statement pieces
Extroverts tend to go for bold, statement pieces. Firstly, they enjoy anything that is unusual and interesting. Secondly, these statement pieces make perfect conversation starters when people come over!
6. Fast changing interior
If there is one thing consistent about an extrovert's home interior, is that is always changing. Extroverts tend to get bored really easily, and are always actively seeking for stimulation. Today, they might be into the Minimalist style, and before you know it, tomorrow it might be Retro. Hence, it is safe to say that extroverts are constantly finding new ways to spruce up their homes and giving it a refreshed look.
7. I know where my things are
With extroverts' love for multi-tasking and their short concentration spans, they can sometimes leave things randomly around the house. With extroverts, be prepared to find the most unexpected things at unexpected places. but we all know what they're going to say “I know where my things are!”
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