Interior design ideas for homes under 600 sq ft

By EdgeProp Singapore / HipVan | April 26, 2018 12:34 PM SGT
Who says small apartments can't be equally gorgeous as big apartments? Here are some tips and inspirations for homes under 600 square ft!
1. Color palette
Colors play a huge factor in creating the look of a small apartment. A bright color palette coupled along with modern furniture consisting of clean lines will definitely make an apartment look more airy and spacious.
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2. Patterns
Incorporating patterns into your homes can be an easy way to make a small space feel more vibrant and alive. What we love about this space is that it uses a green diamond harlequin pattern to make the walls stand out from the rest of the neutral colored furniture in the house. The pattern also acts a form of camouflage for the wall mounted television. The yellow television console also adds a pop of color and makes the area stand out.
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3. Rustic
This stunning apartment that measures only 312 square feet is well designed to make sure that no available space goes to waste. The vertical space of the apartment is put to good use by tucking the bedroom up a flight of stairs to make room for more living space. The furniture used also has a lot of storage spaces to help the owners better organize the space without having to install additional shelves or cupboards.
What we love most is the hint of intricate retro patterns on the entryway floor to make it pop and also how the low plywood ceiling that acts as a walk in closet. The kitchen also makes use of the high ceilings with cupboards going all the way up for storage purposes.