Botanic Gardens was recently inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it the first ever botanic gardens in Asia to be given this prestigious recognition.

The Edge recently wrote an article (UNESCO World Heritage Site at your doorstep) to analyse whether property prices in the vicinity will see potential price appreciation.


What’s available at Botanic Gardens?

As an overview, there are 9 private non-landed developments (excluding those more than 20 years old but including recently launched ones) within 1km radius.  Average PSF price ranges from $1,488 (Sommerville Grandeur) to $3,088 (8 Napier).  For rental, the average rental yield ranges from 2.2% (Sommerville Grandeur) to 3.1% (Gallop Green).

In the last 12 months, property that recorded the highest transaction price was sold for $8,575,376 (8 Napier).  For the same period, the most affordable property was sold for $990,006 (The Siena).


Chart 1: Price Comparison (Private condos in the primary and secondary markets within 1km radius of Botanic Gardens)


Chart 2: Rental Comparison (Private condos in secondary markets within 1km radius of Botanic Gardens)


What’s recently transacted?

Recently transacted properties include newly launched projects such as The Siena (538 sqft unit sold for $0.99 M) and Cluny Park Residence (840 sqft unit sold for $2.19M).

Recently concluded resale transactions include Gallop Gables (1,755 sqft unit sold for $2.75M) and Sommerville Grandeur (1,195 sqft unit sold for $1.74M).


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Table: Transactions (Up to 100 most recent)