Roxy-Pacific acquires two freehold Guillemard Lane sites at $33.5 mil

/ EdgeProp
October 5, 2017 1:40 PM SGT
On Oct 2, Roxy-Pacific Holdings announced that its associate company RH Guillemard was acquiring two freehold residential sites at 2 and 6 Guillemard Lane for a total purchase price of $33.5 million.
Under the 2014 Master Plan, the sites are zoned “residential” and have a combined area of 14,030 sq ft and a gross plot ratio of 2.8.
Roxy-Pacific plans to amalgamate the two sites with two other freehold sites at 12 and 14 Guillemard Lane for residential development. Roxy-Pacific had announced the acquisition of 12 and 14 Guillemard Lane on Sept 15. The four sites have an estimated total land area of 25,601 sq ft.