Shopping Guide: Furnishings For Your Gender-Neutral Nursery

By Catherine Zhang / Cromly | June 24, 2019 2:28 PM SGT
Gone are the days when parents go all out in decorating their nursery with the gender of the baby in mind. These days, regardless if it's a boy or a girl, nurseries tend to be more of a gender-neutral space. From being too traditional, the focus has already been on the design and functionality rather than the colour schemes.
Shopping for the nursery? We've got suggestions!
Source: Cuckoo Little Lifestyle
1. Beautifully designed for children from birth to around 7 years old, this Sebra Bed, $1,695, Cuckoo Little Lifestyle, is not just gender-neutral but can also be used in the long run. It is equipped with an adjustable bottom so that you can change the bed from being a cot to a junior bed. Also, the material used is birch, which has been treated with an anti-bacterial, non-toxic wood paint to ensure your child’s safety.
Source: Piccolo House
2. Opt to use cool-toned greys for your nursery, such as this curtain that will make sleeping more peaceful. Grey Star Children’s Blackout Curtain, $79.50, Piccolo House
Source: Kuhl Home
3. Get something functional and stylish for your nursery. This changing unit has practical storage options and can be converted into a junior desk in the future. Sturdy and gender-neutral, this...