Shui On chairman Vincent Lo's daughter and successor Stephanie Lo calls the shots at mainland-focused developer

By Sandy Li / | May 21, 2019 10:23 AM SGT
Stephanie Lo Bo-yue, 36, has massive responsibilities. She is raising two young boys, aged two and four, and managing the day to day responsibilities of Shui On Land, known for its famous Xintiandi Plaza in Shanghai.
Both tasks are challenging, but as the likely successor to the HK$14.4 billion (US$1.83 billion) business empire founded by her illustrious father and chairman, Vincent Lo Hong-shui, she has massive shoes to fill.
In less than a year after being named executive director, she is making her presence felt at the mainland-focused developer, taking the reins of Shui On's shopping centre business in Shanghai.
At the company's press conference to announce the company's results in March, the senior Lo said "her performance is very satisfactory".
Vincent Lo Hong-shui, chairman of Shui On Land, said he is very pleased with his daughter's performance in her role as the group's executive director. Photo: Winson Wong
"You know, the new mall is about young women. Even if I want to have a look, I have to ask Stephanie and [the team]," he said.
After taking an incisive and analytical look at the dramatic changes in China's real estate industry, she has mapped out, with her father's blessings, the future strategy of Shui On Land.
"At the end of the day my focus is to create the best value for shareholders and what needs to be done [to achieve this]," Lo said in an exclusive interview with the Post.
The Hong Kong-listed company's focus on paring down debt has seen its net gearing decline. It fell from 51 per cent in 2017 to 40 per cent last year after reaching 81 per cent in 2015. The shareholders also received a final dividend of 8.4 HK cents per share, 20 per cent more than 2017.
Lo's appointment in August came as the firm was in the midst of transforming itself into a commercial...