Trading-Atrium: Niche co-working space for traders

/ EdgeProp
December 23, 2018 12:00 PM SGT
In most shared workspaces, the main attraction is usually the lounge or communal area. Eric Neo, CEO and chief information officer of Neo & Partners Global, the founder of Trading-Atrium, is eager to show off his server room, which has a “state-of-the-art, purpose-built, 24x7 low-latency hub with high-speed, 10GB ethernet cables as well as secure WiFi connectivity throughout the area”.
Says Neo: “Traditionally, many offices have the server room tucked away in one corner, but we decided to bring it to the front to show our clients and investors.”
Beyond the server room, there is a lounge for guests, and a breakout area for those who work there. “This whole space is very fluid and open,” he adds.
Unlike most co-working operators who seek to attract a wide spectrum of business enterprises, Trading-Atrium caters for a very niche clientele: electronic trading firms, including proprietary trading firms focused on algorithm trading, multi-asset trading and cryptocurrency. It has also expanded its reach to include fintech firms as well as big data and blockchain firms.
The office suites can be configured into trading rooms fitted with four to six trading desks. Large panelled screens are also provided if they are required. The 6,000 sq ft space can fit up to nine firms and a total of 52 trading desks. There are also 52 lockers for those who need to use them.
Neo: We are a different breed of co-working space provider (Credit: Samuel Isaac Chua/ The Edge Singapore)
War rooms
Entering the area where the trading rooms are situated requires security access. “Because of the nature of their business and the sensitivity of their trading strategies, we designed the trading rooms as war rooms,” says Neo. “Controlled access also means the traders will not be disturbed while they are working. But once they step out of the two sliding glass doors to the lounge and pantry, the zone is neutral. They can talk about the trading day, chit-chat or have lunch together.”
Neo understands the needs of his clientele as he was a senior vice-president of commodities, derivatives and securities at FlexTrade Systems. The US-based software firm specialises in providing and managing broker-neutral trading systems for a range of assets,...