URA introduces pre-application consultant service for developers

/ EdgeProp
February 6, 2018 4:35 PM SGT
URA announced on Feb 5 that it is introducing a new and optional pre-application consultant service (PACS) for developers. This means that developers can seek URA’s advice on development proposals before submitting a formal development application.
The service is also targeted at Qualified Persons (QP) appointed by developers and property owners – namely a registered architect or professional engineer – real estate agents, and property owners themselves.
PACS is set to help lessen time-consuming restatements and expensive abortive work at the formal application stage, says URA.
Through the service, the applicant can consult a director-level representative from URA on conservation, urban design and other development control guidelines. Proposals that depart from the Master Plan planning parameters – in terms of land use, gross plot ratio and building and storey height, among others – will not fall within the scope of PACS.
According to URA, the service will be implemented with immediate effect as a pilot trial for a year. Applications must be made by a QP through URA’s PACS online e-service at the URA website.
Charges for the service range between $2,140 and $5,350, depending on the size, location and type of housing, such as whether it involves landed homes or conserved buildings.
URA cautions, however, that the advice given through the service should not be treated as a formal endorsement or approval of a development proposal.