V-Zug’s luxury concierge service for home appliances

By V-zug / Brought to you by V-zug | March 9, 2018 3:10 AM SGT
For discerning homeowners, luxury goes beyond bricks and mortar. It’s also about the fittings and finishing within the home. For appliances, it’s about seamless, dependable and quality service following delivery. That assurance comes with the purchase of a V-ZUG appliance.
V-ZUG stands for “Swiss perfection for your home”. Our products combine the best in culinary technology and elegant aesthetics. The Combi-Steam MSLQ is the first oven in the world to integrate three modes of cooking: conventional heating, microwave heating and steam technology. It offers seven different cooking combinations designed to preserve food nutrients, which less technologically advanced ovens are unable to do. This won the Combi-Steam MSLQ the Plus X Award, the world’s biggest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, in 2015.

V-ZUG’s products combine the best in culinary technology and elegant aesthetics

The oven is equipped with V-ZUG’s Climate Control System, which has sensors to facilitate the automation of various functions such as monitoring cooking duration and food temperature. It also features the Electronic Steam System, which releases a precisely controlled amount of steam to cook the food. The Power Regeneration function combines heated air, steam and microwaves to gently heat up food while preserving the freshness and nutrients of the ingredients. Incorporating mircrowave technology, the PowerPlus function helps accelerate all seven cooking processes. Compared with conventional methods, cooking with the Combi-Steam MSLQ can take up to one-third less time.
As the owner of cutting-edge products by Switzerland’s leading household appliance brand, you will enjoy peace of mind in knowing that all your appliances will be in perfect working order as the V-ZUG concierge service team will perform on-site inspections of all appliances before they are handed over. Our team will also show you the best way to clean and maintain your appliances. We also provide courses to train domestic helpers in the use and maintenance of V-ZUG appliances. A professional maintenance programme is available to those who wish to keep their appliances in tip-top condition.
Those who love to cook will appreciate our specially designed Welcome Box, which is personalised for each homeowner and contains all the relevant information on the use of their appliances as well as books containing specially designed recipes.
V-ZUG Gourmet Academy has a select group of chefs that create recipes tailored for our appliances. Our chef-ambassadors include Ryan Clift, the chef owner of The Tippling Club, an award-winning restaurant in Singapore that has been ranked among Asia’s 50 best restaurants. V-ZUG Gourmet Academy chefs will conduct live cooking demonstrations and cooking classes at events exclusively for our customers. To help you get the most out of your V-ZUG appliances, they can also provide advice if you encounter problems in following the recipes.
If you wish to impress your friends and family, our Gourmet Academy chefs are available for hire to prepare a sumptuous spread for your guests in your beautiful kitchen.
Headquartered in Switzerland, V-ZUG has been delivering innovative and top-quality products and services for over a century. We are also the first to provide a concierge service for home appliances. Our customer relations team can be reached through our hotlines and live chat.