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Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm is a URA planning subzone within the West Region and Bukit Batok Planning Area. Dairy Farm overlooks Bukit Timah Hill, hence its name. Unbeknownst to most outside of the residents in the area, Dairy Farm is much more than an upscale residential area encircled by lush greenery on all sides of the neighborhood. It is also home to two famous Singaporean legends, the Haunted Dairy Farm Mansion and Bukit Timah Monkey Man. The mansion sits at the highest point at the end of Jalan Dermawan. Accounts differ in details but generally speak of "someone" inhabiting the house who isn't happy at all, so explore at your own risk. As for the Bukit Timah Monkey Man, it is a legendary creature said to be primate-like, greyish in color and between 1-2m in height. The last sighting was in 2007.

MRT Stations: 2
1 Station, 1 Future Station
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1 Secondary
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SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) -The pandemic has cast a spotlight on the need for ways to relieve the pressures of everyday life, and many who have been holed up in the city-state have turned to nature for reprieve. The neighbourhoods of Dairy Farm and Hillview in Singapore’s west, with sprawling verdant...

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Dairy Farm
  District 23
iconic landmark: The Rail Mall
District 23
Overlooks nearby Bukit Timah hill, hence its name
Comprised of several nature parks
History & Origins
Dairy Farm is an area in the Western region of Singapore. Its name is derived from the fact that the area overlooks Bukit Timah Hill. Dairy Farm was an industrial precinct, from the early 1940s to the late 80s, boasting famous facilities such as the Old Ford Factory, Castrol Oil Company & Cycle & Carriage Assembly Plant. The KTM Malaysian Railway also used to operate services that ply through Dairy Farm.

As one of the affluent residential estates in Singapore, Dairy Farm is home to several private condominiums and landed properties. Given the lush greenery of the area and close proximity to various nature parks, Dairy Farm is a haven for those who wish to reside in a quiet neighborhood replete with nature. Dairy Farm has become a hotspot for property investors particularly since Dairy Farm MRT Station came into operation on 27 December 2015.

Transportation & Connectivity
Dairy Farm MRT Station, situated in between the Dairy Farm and Nature Reserve areas, is part of the Downtown Line and has been in operation since 27 December 2015. It has close proximity to Beauty World MRT, Bukit Batok MRT and Bukit Gombak MRT Stations. In relation to future developments of MRT stations in the area, there are basic structural provisions for Hume MRT Station, which was confirmed on 7 March 2019 and will be operational by 2025.

Dairy Farm MRT Station connects to two bus stops by way of Exits A (along Upper Bukit Timah Road) and B (near Glendale Park Condominium), which are serviced by 12 bus services (67, 75, 170, 171, 176, 178, 184, 653, 961, 963, 970, 973). Further, a taxi stand and pick-up/drop-off point is located at Exit B. Given that Dairy Farm is a residential station situated near condominiums/housing estates, schools and Dairy Farm Camp, its transportation system has provided great convenience to residents, students and military personnel.

Dairy Farm’s proximity to schools is a factor for its popularity as a residential estate. St Francis Methodist School, a two-minute drive from Dairy Farm MRT, is a secondary and post-secondary private institution which provides opportunities for its students to take the GCE O and A Level Examinations. Dairy Farm is also close to several schools in the Bukit Batok area (such as Lianhua Primary School, Bukit View Primary School, Dazhong Primary School, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, St Anthony’s Primary School, Hillgrove Secondary School and Keming Primary School) and the Bukit Timah area (such as Methodist Girls’ School and Bukit Timah Primary School).

In addition, Dairy Farm is home to Trinity Theologial College, an institution run on collaborative effort by Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and Presbyterians and which provides theological training to equip students for Christian ministry. Situated next to Trinity Theological College is the Methodist School of Music, which provides music lessons for students undertaking music examinations conducted by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and/or the Trinity College London, and which conducts Christian worship courses as well.

Residents at Dairy Farm have enjoyed a shopping mall of their own since the opening of HillV2 in 2015. Developed by the Far East Organisation and a mere five minute walk from Dairy Farm MRT, HillV2 is the shopping mall component of a large mixed-use complex development occupying the first two levels. In addition, this development also has a private residential component, the Hillier, which occupies the higher levels of the development. HillV2 boasts of many restaurants serving a wide array of cuisines, including iO Italian Osteria (Italian food, bread, wine and pasta), Joyden Canton Kitchen (authentic Cantonese dishes) and Shinmanbok (Korean hotpot and barbecue). There are also several bars and ice cream cafes allowing for visitors to enjoy a sweet spot to wine and dine without having a full meal. Finally, HillV2 also serves the needs of the Hillier’s residents through a supermarket (The Marketplace) as well as through shops providing various services such as hairdressing (KCuts), elderly nursing care (Anglican Senior Centre (Dairy Farm)), private tuition (Novel Learning Centre) and medical/dental care (Phoenix Medical Group and SmileArts Dental Studio).

The Rail Mall, situated slightly further away along Upper Bukit Timah Road, provides even more F&B options to those living in the Dairy Farm area. The Rail Mall boasts of a unique appearance in that it comprises 43 road-fronting shopping and dining units all on one single storey. Further, it provides for a walking route to the Bukit Timah Train Station; a popular spot for Singaporeans to explore during the weekends and take pre-wedding photos.

Finally, Dairy Farm is a short car/bus ride away from several other shopping malls, including Beauty World Centre, Bukit Timah Plaza and Westmall.

Recreation & Amenities
Aside from the walking route to the Bukit Timah Train Station, Dairy Farm is situated close to several other nature parks which residents enjoy visiting. For example, Dairy Farm Park Connector extends from Bukit Batok Nature Park to Dairy Farm Nature Reserve. The Dairy Farm Park Connector forms part of the 48km Nature Park Network consisting of nature parks in the Central Catchment and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which also comprises other nature parks such as the Hindhede Nature Park, Zhenghua Nature Park and Chestnut Nature Park. Other than pursuits of nature, residents can also take up activities at Dairy Farm Community Club such as baking, pilates and children’s art classes.

URA Master Plan
According to URA, plans have been made to improve the natural aspect of Dairy Farm, with various improvements to Parks and the Rail Corridor, scheduled to be completed by 2021. There will also be 3 new MRT stations (Hume, Bukit Batok West & Tengah) to better serve the community. Residents of Dairy Farm can also look forward to a new community club at Dairy Farm Rise.

Did You know?
  • Dairy Farm is home to the Old Factory, the site at which the British surrendered to the Japanese during World War II.
  • SPH REIT bought The Rail Mall for $63.24 million from Pulau Properties, owned by Lee Foundation and the Lee family in May 2018

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