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Bukit Batok

Bukit Batok is a URA planning area in the west region of Singapore housing a matured residential town. It is the 25th largest and 12th most populous region in Singapore. Most of Bukit Batok sits on Gombak norite, a geological formation found in large quantities around not just Bukit Batok but also in surrounding areas like Cashew. It was the presence of this rock that made Bukit Batok a pivotal location for stone quarries in the mid 20th century.

MRT Stations: 8
1 Interchange, 3 Stations, 5 Future
Schools: 19
8 Primary, 6 Secondary, 5 Others
Public Housing
Private Housing
Shopping Malls
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The transformation of Bukit Batok

Located in District 23 of Western Singapore and spanning 1,104 hectares, Bukit Batok is bounded by four major roads: Chua Chu Kang Road to the north; Pan Island Expressway to the south; Old Jurong Road to the east and Bukit Batok Road to the west.The estate comprises of nine sub-zones: Gombak, ...

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Bukit Batok
  District 23
iconic landmark: Little Gui Lin in Bukit Batok Town Park
District 23
Means "Coconut Hill" in Javanese
History & Origins
Bukit Batok is a matured residential town along the Western area of Singapore. It is bordered by Choa Chu Kang in the North/Northwest, Bukit Panjang to the East/Northeast, Bukit Timah to the Southeast, Jurong East to the Southwest and Tengah to the West.

Bukit Batok houses an estimated 114,000 HDB residents in a total of 40,612 HDB flats as at 31 March 2018. In addition, there are a plethora of private condominiums and landed housing estates in Bukit Batok and Hillview areas. Bukit Batok has a reputation for being a self-sufficient town with shopping centres, nature parks, a stadium, a clubhouse and an industrial park, making it a cohesive environment for work and play.

In 2019, the Ministry of National Development (MND) announced that the Singapore Government planned for the first assisted living pilot site for public housing to be launched in Bukit Batok in 2020, with the eventual aim of exploring such retirement housing models for private residential areas in mind as well. Under the assisted living scheme, the MND would work in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to provide a home and care to elderly residents, by way of allowing the elderly residents to purchase a flat and a package of care services tied to that assisted living flat. In addition and to better meet the needs of the elderly residents, there would be more communal and shared living spaces for residents to interact more with one another, as well as smaller individual units.

Finally, Ren Ci Nursing Home, located near Little Guilin, is able to serve the healthcare needs of the elderly residents in Bukit Batok. Apart from providing care to patients suffering from long-term illnesses such as dementia, Ren Ci Nursing Home also provides rehabilitation and daycare services.

Transportation & Connectivity
Bukit Batok boasts of great convenience in relation to MRT transport. 3 current MRT stations service the area - Bukit Batok (NS2) and Bukit Gombak (NS3), both of which are on the North-South Line, and Beauty World (DT5) along the Downtown Line. Bukit Panjang (DT1) an interchange for the MRT and LRT also serves this district.

To further enhance Bukit Batok’s accessibility to the rest of Singapore, 5 future MRT Stations will open to service the area - Choa Chu Kang West (JS2), Tengah Plantation (JE1), Tengah Park (JE2), Bukit Batok West (JE3) and Toh Guan (JE4) along the Jurong Region Line.

Further, Bukit Batok Bus Interchange is located right next to Bukit Batok MRT which serves residential areas around Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak and Hillview, as well as the residential areas around Bukit Batok East. In this manner, the residents of Bukit Batok enjoy convenient transfers between the MRT network and bus services at the Bukit Batok Interchange.

Bukit Batok is home to many schools, a factor which accounts for its popularity as a residential estate. The 8 primary schools located in the area – St. Anthony’s Primary School, Dazhong Primary School, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Lianhua Primary School, Keming Primary School, Bukit View Primary School, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Bukit Timah Primary School – allows primary school pupils greater convenience in that there is a greater likelihood of their schools being situated within walking distance from their homes.

Bukit Batok also has 6 secondary schools which affords more flexibility to secondary school students in choosing a school better suited to their needs and interests - Swiss Cottage Secondary School, Dunearn Secondary School, Bukit Batok Secondary School, Hillgrove Secondary School, Bukit View Secondary School, Yusof Ishak Secondary School.

5 other schools in Bukit Batok are ITE College West (Choa Chu Kang), Millennia Institute (pre-university), Eden School (students with autism) and 2 international schools - German European School Singapore (Junior School Campus) and Dulwich College (Singapore).

Residents of Bukit Batok enjoy close proximity to West Mall, a neighbourhood shopping mall located right next to Bukit Batok MRT Station. West Mall is a comprehensive heartland mall with many longtime anchor tenants, such as the Bukit Batok Public Library, Cathay Cineplex and Cold Storage. Given the community vibe of the mall, it is a popular destination for shoppers who prefer an environment with less human traffic as compared to some other suburban malls.

There is a wide array of food available at West Mall leaving Bukit Batok residents spoilt for choice. For instance, there are many popular chain eateries such as Delifrance, Swensen’s and Koufu; bubble tea chains KOI and Each-A-Cup which adds to the bubble tea craze in Singapore; restaurants serving various cuisines such as Ichiban Sushi, Malaysia Chiak! and Pontian Express. There are also many hawker centres scattered across the various Bukit Batok estates, giving residents even more choices, particularly of local food.

Residents of Bukit Batok also enjoy close proximity to shopping malls in other neighbourhoods, particularly HillV2 at Hillview, as well as Beauty World Plaza and Bukit Timah Shopping Centre at Beauty World. Apart from offering other food choices, these other shopping malls also provide an array of services, such as hairdressing, medical/dental and private tuition.

Bukit Batok boasts of a wide array of activities residents can participate in to keep a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle. Apart from Bukit Batok Nature Park, Bukit Batok Hillside Park and the Little Guilin which allows for residents to work out in the presence of nature and scenic views, the HomeTeam NS Clubhouse has a laser tag room, bowling alley and a karaoke lounge which allows residents to enjoy group activities with their families and friends.

Finally, Bukit Batok provides avenues for residents to learn about Singapore’s history in a fun way - there is a World War II Memorial Site situated atop a hill, which requires one to climb over 100 steps at Bukit Batok Nature Park. This same spot is also where the first television transmission station was built in Singapore.

URA Master Plan
URA announced plans to open a 4.8 hectare park at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, enhance the rail corridor by 2021 and set up a care home at West Avenue 9. On top of these plans, there will also be additional residential developments in Hillview, near the new Hume MRT station.

Did You know?
  • The word ‘Bukit’ refers to “hill” in Malay, whereas ‘Batok’ has a couple of interpretations, including “coconut” (Javanese) or “coughing” (Malay)
  • While Bukit Gombak might have its own MRT station, it doesn't have any roads at all - all the roads in both areas are still named Bukit Batok
  • No need for a trip out of Singapore to experience gorgeous sceneries if you take a trip to Xiao Gui Lin (Little Guilin) in Bukit Batok Town Park, where the granite rock and waterscape resembles Guilin in China.

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