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Check how much you can borrow to buy a home

  • Up to 8 applicants allowed, but for a HDB flat or exec condo, only up to 4 are allowed
  • At least one person needs to have monthly income
  • Age, citizenship, number of properties, number of loans, monthly income, and monthly repayment are required for each person
  • 80% of the property price is the maximum financing possible

Estimated time: 5 to 20 min

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Important notice

This is not a financing offer from OCBC Bank. The computations shown are based on the information provided by you. They are intended to give an indication of repayment information based on certain loan parameters, and are provided solely for reference only. Actual interest rates may differ and may be higher than what is shown here. We hereby disclaim any responsibility for any errors or omissions in the computations. OCBC Bank will not under any circumstances accept responsibility or liability for any losses that may arise from a decision that you make as result of relying on the computations. For the applicable terms and conditions of any financing offer made to you by OCBC Bank, please refer to the relevant Letter(s) of Offer issued.