Indonesia, which has a population of more than 275 million, is the largest nation in South East Asia. It is renowned for its numerous and multicultural islands, which range from the religious Aceh in the north through Java, the nation's administrative centre, to Bali, a tropical paradise, all the way down to the province of Papua.

Indonesia's official language is Bahasa, and Islam is the predominant religion. Jakarta, the capital and largest city on the island of Java, has a population of 10 million people. Indonesia is located in the southwestern arm of the "Ring of Fire," a vast arc-shaped zone of active volcanic activity, ocean trenches, fault lines, and plate movements that roughly parallels the Pacific Ocean's coasts.

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Developer: Tuan Sing Holdings Limited
Price Range: SGD 85,000 - 450,000
Size Range: 37 - 112 (sqm)
Property Type: apartment
No of Units: 559
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Singapore (SGD)
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