Australia is both the world's smallest continent and one of its largest nations. It is the thirteenth-largest economy in the world and a highly developed nation with a high income standard of living.

Mass immigration, early European settlement, and Indigenous cultures all contribute to Australia's thriving multiculturalism. Australia likes the range of different cultures and cuisines that this affords and is proud of the diversity of its population. Australia is a secular nation, which means there is no recognised religion there. There are places of worship for all major religions in every capital city. With around 26 million citizens, Australia has some of the best living conditions, democracies, health, and educational systems, as well as the most economic freedom, civil liberties, security, and political rights.

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Developer: EcoWorld
Price Range: AUD 727,500 - 3,520,000
Size Range: 65 - 207 (sqft)
Property Type: apartment
No of Units: 247
Developer: Fragrance Group Limited
Price Range: AUD 499,000 - 4,027,000
Size Range: 50 - 218 (sqm)
Property Type: apartment
No of Units: 625
Developer: Banyan Tree Group
Price Range: AUD 431,000 - 6,950,000
Size Range: 66 - 625 (sqm)
Property Type: apartment
No of Units:
Developer: Roxy Pacific Ltd
Price Range: AUD 855,000 - 2,250,000
Size Range: 59 - 230 (sqm)
Property Type: apartment
No of Units: 231
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