They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we can't help but be fascinated with these great looking architectural marvels in Singapore! Although some may find them quirky, these eight buildings deserve a spot in our list of Singapore’s most iconic buildings due to their outstanding structures and facades. Architecture fans, behold!      

1. Reflections at Keppel Bay (Architect: Daniel Libeskind, Completed: 2011)

World-renowned Daniel Libeskind’s first ever residential development in Asia, Reflections at Keppel Bay is an artistic masterpiece known for its sleek curves. A combination of tall and short structures, the project comprises six sky towers ranging from 24 to 41 floors as well as 11 fan-shaped blocks comprising 6- to 8-storey of villa apartments, and with sky gardens. Each pair of towers is connected by a sky bridge where residents and guests get to enjoy a panoramic views of Mount Faber and Sentosa. 

The short and tall blocks form a unique skyline along Keppel Bay. (Source: The Edge Property)

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2. The Interlace (Architect: Ole Scheeren. Year of competion: 2013)
This jenga-like condominium leave a lasting impression among commuters and passer-by. The Interlace clinched the World Building of the Year in 2015, the highest accolade in the architecture. It has also won other prestigious awards including Urban Habitat Award 2014 and BCA Green Mark Gold Award 2010. A total of 31 blocks, each 6-storey tall are stacked in hexagonal arrangement, creating pockets of spaces for air and light to flow through. The 8ha site allows for eight courtyards - Central Square, Water Park, Play Hills, Spa Valley, Theatre Plaza, Bamboo Garden, Lotus Pond and Waterfall Terrace.

Condo or jenga? (Source: The Edge Property)

Icon of modern architecture in Singapore. (Source: The Edge Property)

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3. Pearl Bank Apartment (Architect: Tan Cheng Siong. Year of completion: 1976)
Pearl Bank Apartment was once the tallest residential building in Singapore, as well as the first all-residential project on a URA land parcel. The 38-storey horseshoe-shaped building near Outram Park MRT station was designed by Tan Cheng Siong of Archurban Architects Planners, a local architect. When completed in 1976, the building had the largest number of apartments, making it the highest density site. In addition to the 272 residential units, Pearl Bank Apartment also features a shopping area, parking spaces and a communal space on the  28th floor - the first of its kind in 20th century’s architecture history. 

Singapore’s first tallest and densest apartment, built in 1970s. (Source: The Edge Property)

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4. Sky Habitat (Architect: Moshe Safdie. Year of completion: 2015)
Designed by famed architect Moshe Safdie, the dramatic stepping form of Sky Habitat has transformed the skyline of Bishan. This city fringe condominium comprises two 38-storey towers linked by three sky bridges. The bridges on the 14th and 26th floors were designed as sky gardens while the highest bridge on the 38th floor features a Sky Pool. The design features vertical greenery, optimal orientation relative to the sun and maximum cross-ventilation.

 The design features vertical greenery, optimal orientation relative to the sun and maximum cross-ventilation. (Source: The Edge Property)

Combination of sky bridges and sky gardens. (Source: The Edge Property)

"I think you need to, as an architect, understand the essence of a place and create a building that feels like it resonates with the culture of a place." 
– Moshe Safdie, lead designer of Sky Habitat (Source: The Edge Property)

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5. Orchard Scotts Residences (Architect: Arquitectonica. Year of completion: 2008)
Located on Orchard Road shopping belt, Orchard Scotts Residences easily stands out from adjacent developments due to its shimmering facade. The development comprises three blocks, displayed as three contemporary artworks. Orchard Scotts Residences is a masterwork of the world-renowned architect firm Arquitectonica and won the prestigious FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards.


Exterior of Orchard Scotts Residences. The buildings are fully wrapped in glass. (Source: The Edge Property)

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6. The Colonnade (Architect: Paul Rudolph. Year of completion: 1986)
Despite being built in the 1980s, this evergreen building on Grange Road comes across as a contemporary building with its interlocking units, stacked on top of each other. The brainchild of architect Paul Rudolph, the concept originated from Graphic Arts Center Manhattan which Rudolph designed two decades earlier. Financial and technical constraints foiled the original construction plan using prefabrication method, but The Colonnade still successfully showcased Rudolph's design goal using the conventional pour-in-place concrete method.


The Colonnade on Grange Road.

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7. Sculptura Ardmore (Architect: Carlos Zapata. Year of completion: 2014)
Situated at the highest point of Ardmore Park, the 36-storey Sculptura Ardmore is undoubtedly one of the most coveted luxury condominium in Singapore. Designed by the internationally renowned architect Carlos Zapata, the building’s features a curving facade clad in glass fins. Zapata delicately balanced the need to maximise the internal living space with a dramatic exterior.

Sculptura Ardmore delicately balanced the need to maximise the internal living space with a dramatic exterior. (Source: SC Global)

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8. The Oliv (Architect: Mok Wei Wei. Year of completion: 2013)
The Oliv at Balmoral is a medium-rise development which embraces open vertical green spaces.  With only 23 freehold units, The Oliv is a home for the privileged few.  As each floor comprises just two units, Mok Wei Wei of W Architect creatively incorporated sky terraces at every level to be shared by the two households. The irregular shape and sloping wall mimics a wavy ground surface while the green hedges epitomises luxury tropical living.

The Oliv creatively utilized sky terraces to give the building a distinguishing outlook. (Source: TG Development)

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