Before & After: 5 Epic Resale Makeovers

By Qanvast / Qanvast | September 5, 2018 8:00 AM SGT

Years and years of wear and tear have left it looking terribly outdated, cluttered and dingy. But in every rundown resale flat you see, it’s there – the potential of making it work. Past its shabby surface, all these unpolished, hidden gems need is an epic transformation - just like these 5 shocking resale makeovers!

Going straight from drab, old flat to spanking new home, these before-and-after overhauls make us wish we had our own resale fixer-uppers to get our renovation mojo on.
1. Jubilee Interior - Bedok Reservoir

Renovation Cost: $100,000

Tell us, is this a condo showroom or somebody’s HDB apartment? Fitted with sleek accents, this dark, dramatic resale has come a long way from its humble beginnings (though well-maintained).