The Lure of Penthouses

By Angela Lim / SuMisura | August 22, 2016 8:00 AM SGT
The rapidly increasing net worth and aspirations of individuals desiring an affluent lifestyle have played major roles in the mushrooming of high-class homes in the sky. Unlike apartments that might be too compact or landed homes that might be too difficult to maintain, penthouses are a good option for the well-heeled who want the space of landed houses but not the hassle of maintaining it.
A double-volume ceiling gives the owner the flexibility to create a mezzanine or a loft deck with tall book shelves that allow for more storage
Typically located on the top floors of condominium buildings with prestigious addresses and fitted with luxurious top-of-the-line finishing, penthouses are sexy and come with more floor space and loftier ceilings. These unique abodes usually offer panoramic, breathtaking views of the city skyline. In recent times, floor-to-ceiling windows have become a common feature, allowing one to enjoy more natural light and stunning views. These advantages can be enhanced with good interior design and appropriate embellishments.
The colour scheme celebrates the marriage between the interiors and the views
In one of the triplexes located near the CBD with views of the sky and sea, a neutral ivory base was chosen for the interiors, with punctuations of blue, lavender and strong purple. The colour scheme celebrates the marriage between the interiors and the views. Structural columns, responsible for holding up the penthouse, become part of a gantry feature or portal, bringing certain sections of the interiors into focus.
Unlike terraces on the ground level, sturdy furniture and planters are needed for roof terraces, given the increased wind speed at higher altitudes