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Gleneagles Hospital is a leasehold commercial property..

GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL is located along 6ANapier Road in Tanglin, in District 10. It is accessible through the nearest MRTs including Napier TE12 and Orchard Boulevard TE13. Other nearby amenities include: 3 Grocerie(s): SWISS BUTCHERY PTE LTD, COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE (1983) PTE LTD, WONS BUTCHERY PTE. LTD., and 3 Shopping Mall(s): TANGLIN MALL, TANGLIN ROAD, TUDOR COURT SHOPPING GALLERY.

Buyers and tenants are attracted to District 10, which is comprised of Tanglin, Farrer Park, Bukit Timah, Holland Village and Ardmore Park. The Tanglin area is largely residential and is home to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Tanglin is also at the heart of Singapore’s major embassies, ministries and consulates, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United States Embassy. Holland Village is a favourite expat hang-out, where a hawker centre and numerous trendsetting cafes and bars cater to the expat population's needs. Bukit Timah has one of the biggest clusters of landed properties and high-end condominiums in Singapore, with very few HDBs. There are also many international schools in the neighbourhood, owing to its high expat population. The town is also home to Bukit Timah Hill, Singapore's tallest hill. The Ardmore area is close to many six-star hotels, shopping malls, clubhouses, top international and local schools, attracting many foreign buyers to invest in luxury properties in the neighbourhood.

As a major financial and business hub, the Central Region stands as the dynamic city centre of Singapore. Spanning 13,150ha in land area, the region hosts Singapore's only UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many of the country's national monuments, such as the Merlion Park and Statue of Raffles. Although the region is designated mainly for commercial activities, it houses residential developments ranging from HDBs to bungalows. There is also plenty of greenery in the region, linked by 19km of park connectors. According to the Master Plan 2019, Orchard and Downtown will be rejuvenated as a lifestyle hub to include more mixed developments which offer live, work and play opportunities. New housing will be constructed in the Marina South Area with community facilities and amenities. Stage-6 of the Circle Line opening by 2025 will also enhance the Central Region's connectivity.
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"highly recommend Gleneagles Hospital. The doctors and all the other staff are great and kind. Their service is excellent and weve never had problems when it comes to our appointments or even when my son was confined in their hospital. Thank you for the excellent care. "
T****** W***
Google Review     |   01 Aug 2022
"Service at a reputable, private that charges premium is sadly below expectations. I was admitted for a day surgery on my foot. Each time for assistance, the button has to be pressed 3 times before Im attended to. I have to even risk falling to go to the toilet myself when no one come to help me after more 3 times on the same press for assistance button. Im glad I chose not to stay a night. Even till to-date I cant get any assistance for my fully paid bill! Maybe I should not have paid fully to get some help."
Google Review     |   04 Jun 2022
"Nurse were very good and helpful pre and post surgery"
M** R I**
Google Review     |   20 Mar 2022
"Never head to GLENEAGLES, at least not the A&E. Had a midnight emergency which required some minor surgery. The surgery was conducted well, but ALL staff, especially the attending doctor, were rude and unsympathetic of the patient's situation. Worse, they were condescending and even slightly insulting. And it gets worse. Insurance claims later required a doctor's note. The doctor then wrote a letter exaggerating the situation and blaming the cause on the patient's negligence. He also makes his own assumptions as to what happened, and prevented the insurance claim from going through. That was a bill of a few thousand dollars. And you thought it was just the attending doctor All follow up appointments, with different doctors and nurses/staff were ALL rude and standoffish. We never got the answers to our questions pertaining to the injury. Basic questions like: How long would it take to heal Would it leave a scar Completely brushed off. Please. Do yourself a favor, and go to some other clinic if you are able to. No one deserves treatment such as this when you're already in pain. We're all humans. Don't go to a place that doesn't treat you like one. Even a public hospital would do better."
D***** T**
Google Review     |   28 Dec 2021
"You pay for what you get, money profit organization. Bills high get lobster every meal, good food good service but burn your pockets and bank account. Dont expect subsidies there. No money go govt hospitals, service not that good but who needs a killer financially. Friends who left working in the hospital also complain. Lousy management, over political toxic environment, worked there with regrets and left with ease of mental and health pains"
E**** L**
Google Review     |   16 Nov 2021
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UNDER THE HAMMER: Draycott Eight unit for sale at $2.4 mil


What is the nearest MRT Station to GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL ?
The nearest MRT Station from GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL is Napier TE12 MRT

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