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*Based on URA sales data in the last 12 months. Otherwise, based on latest transaction. May not be representative.

**Based on 3rd-party rental data in the last 12 months. Otherwise, based on latest transaction. May not be representative.

Tung Centre is a leasehold (99 yrs from 1985) commercial property. The development occupies a land area of 2,272 sqm and a Gross Floor Area of 31,495 sqm.

TUNG CENTRE is located along Collyer Quay in Downtown Core, in District 1. It is accessible through the nearest MRTs including Raffles Place NS26, EW14 and Telok Ayer DT18. Other nearby amenities include: 3 Grocerie(s): AL MARCHE PTE LTD, COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE (1983) PTE LTD, COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE (1983) PTE LTD, and 3 Shopping Mall(s): CHANGE ALLEY, CLIFFORD CENTRE, THE ARCADE.

Based on transaction data in the last 12 months, the highest recorded transaction was S$ 2,180 psf in May 2012 for a 29,160 sqft unit for Office. Its lowest recorded transaction was S$ 2,180 psf in May 2012 for a 29,160 sqft unit for Office.

Buyers and tenants are attracted to District 1, which covers areas such as Cecil, Raffles Place, Marina, People’s Park and Boat Quay. District 1 is home to the largest financial hub in Singapore, spanning from Raffles Place to Marina Bay, an area built on reclaimed land. Dubbed the “Wall Street” of Singapore, Raffles Place and Marina Bay have the highest concentration of Grade A offices - highly sought-after by financial institutions and professional service firms. Apart from business activities, District 1 is also a popular destination for recreational activities and tourism. Situated right next to the Central Business District is Boat Quay positioned at the mouth of the Singapore River. Once the busiest quay in Singapore, Boat Quay has transformed into a popular hang-out place for food and drinks, featuring an eclectic mix of high-end restaurants, alfresco dining and bars. Comprised of high-end developments, houses in District 1 are highly popular amongst both local and foreign home-buyers.

As a major financial and business hub, the Central Region stands as the dynamic city centre of Singapore. Spanning 13,150ha in land area, the region hosts Singapore's only UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many of the country's national monuments, such as the Merlion Park and Statue of Raffles. Although the region is designated mainly for commercial activities, it houses residential developments ranging from HDBs to bungalows. There is also plenty of greenery in the region, linked by 19km of park connectors. According to the Master Plan 2019, Orchard and Downtown will be rejuvenated as a lifestyle hub to include more mixed developments which offer live, work and play opportunities. New housing will be constructed in the Marina South Area with community facilities and amenities. Stage-6 of the Circle Line opening by 2025 will also enhance the Central Region's connectivity.
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"Really must agree with the previous reviewers. Having lived here for many years already and now having to work from home, we can really see how bad is the behaviour of the kids who go to this centre. Every day running around and shouting so loudly yet no teachers discipline or advise them on showing consideration to the residents living here. Even in the evening we see them noisily playing outside and the staff just ignore and carry on watering their plants. How will they feel if we stand outside their classes and shout or blast music Is it just because there's no law about it so we can do it Really have a very bad impression of these staff and also of the parents who don't speak to their children about consideration for others."
A***** L**
Google Review     |   25 Jun 2021
"OMG. I came on to write a review about this so-called "student care" and I see someone else beat me to it. "Hoodlum-y" is the perfect description! And like the other reviewer said, the kids are just left to run riot, screaming everywhere for hours, with the staff having zero care about the disturbance they're causing residents. During the school holidays the kids are left to take care of themselves even more, so the noise disturbance is really unbearable. The staff have no sense at all that there are people living here, working and studying."
Google Review     |   18 Mar 2021
"A perfect place to send your kids if you want them to become self-centred, inconsiderate brats. But then, since they're left to run riot around the residential blocks, literally screaming unsupervised at the top of their lungs, completely uncaring of the disturbance they're causing residents (esp with many working from home now), what do you expect. The principal is the kind of individual who, when politely asked to please request the kids to lower their volume, ungraciously responds that they have every right to behave thus (yeah like I also have the right to stand outside their class blasting my stereo, but I don't). Hoodlum-y all round."
C******** T**
Google Review     |   04 Jan 2021
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What is the nearest MRT Station to TUNG CENTRE ?
The nearest MRT Station from TUNG CENTRE is Raffles Place EW14,NS26 MRT

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