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S$ 1,753 psf
S$ 1,753 - 1,753 psf

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S$ 3.8 psf pm
S$ 3.0 - 4.4 psf pm

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*Based on URA sales data in the last 12 months. Otherwise, based on latest transaction. May not be representative.

**Based on URA rental data in the last 12 months. Otherwise, based on latest transaction. May not be representative.

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Valley Mansion is a freehold apartment. The development occupies a land area of 4,539 sqm and a Gross Floor Area of 6,355 sqm. It consists of 50 units. According to records, buyers of this development are Singaporean 88.9%, PR 11.1%, Foreigner 0.0%, Company 0.0%.

VALLEY MANSION is located along Oxley Road in River Valley, in District 9. It is accessible through the nearest MRTs including Somerset NS23 and Fort Canning DT20.

Based on transaction data in the last 12 months, sale prices range from S$ 1,753 psf to S$ 1,753 psf at an average of S$ 1,753 psf. Its highest recorded transaction was S$ 1,753 psf in Aug 2023 for a 1,141-sqft unit. Its lowest recorded transaction was S$ 535 psf in Mar 2003 for a 1,141-sqft unit. Its current rental yield is at 2.6%. Other nearby amenities include: 3 Grocerie(s): NTUC FAIRPRICE CO-OPERATIVE LTD, COLD STORAGE SINGAPORE (1983) PTE LTD, PAN PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTE. LTD., and 3 Shopping Mall(s): ROBERTSON WALK, SINGAPORE SHOPPING CENTRE, ORCHARD CENTRAL.

Buyers and tenants are attracted to District 9, which includes Orchard Road, River Valley and Cairnhill. This district is part of Singapore’s Central Business District and has become a must-visit spot for Singapore tourists. Spanning almost 2.2km, Orchard Road represents one of Singapore’s best retail, dining and entertainment boulevards, catering to any taste or budget and ranging from luxury brands to high street fashion. District 9 has a huge selection of exclusive cosmopolitan bistros and on the other end of the scale, a number of popular international fast food restaurants. Fronting Orchard Road, ION Orchard Mall is home to designer brands, as well as Sephora’s largest store in the area. Another major shopping mall in this district is Great World, which caters to locals, with a Cold Storage supermarket, Best Denki electrical store, and Golden Village Cinema. Cairnhill is home to the first freehold Ritz-Carlton property in Asia - the Ritz-Carlton Residence. This property sets a new standard of luxury living in Singapore as these homes feature magnificent finishings, excellent facilities and exemplary services from the legendary The Ritz-Carlton.

As a major financial and business hub, the Central Region stands as the dynamic city centre of Singapore. Spanning 13,150ha in land area, the region hosts Singapore's only UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many of the country's national monuments, such as the Merlion Park and Statue of Raffles. Although the region is designated mainly for commercial activities, it houses residential developments ranging from HDBs to bungalows. There is also plenty of greenery in the region, linked by 19km of park connectors. According to the Master Plan 2019, Orchard and Downtown will be rejuvenated as a lifestyle hub to include more mixed developments which offer live, work and play opportunities. New housing will be constructed in the Marina South Area with community facilities and amenities. Stage-6 of the Circle Line opening by 2025 will also enhance the Central Region's connectivity.
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"55 years old 5-storey apartment with many senior residents/owners."
S****** T**
Google Review     |   16 Feb 2022
"Didnt live here but I live in the building nearby. I love the big tree outside. Rooms are spacious but its rather dated and need a proper maintenance. Also heard piano playing from a unit with all windows open. Went to hookup with one of the residence. As a revenge, i was requested to do it with all the windows open too, and deliberately loudly Im sure they all could hear his moans. Must be a hellish place to live."
Google Review     |   16 Jan 2022
"Terrible Management. Extremely unprofessional and irresponsible when it comes to water leakage complaints and harassments that my tenants, property agents and we (as landlord) faced from the nuisance neighbor downstairs, over the last 5 years. Over the years, the neighbor downstairs, Madam Lee insisted that we get a plumber and pay for her leaking pipes, toilet bowl leakage, washing machine pipe leakage and sewage pipes leakage etc, which we are not even responsible under the Building and Management Strata Title Act and such leakages were also verify by our plumber that the causes couldn't be due to our unit. Yet, instead of asking the nuisance neighbor downstair, Madam Lee to resolve her own leakage issues, the Management just forwarded the email exchanges between me and the nuisance neighbor's son, without doing anything. Management even insisted that we should pay for the repair costs for the sewage pipes even though we are not liable under the Act, the Management should be the one responsible for the repair. Moreover, the Management staff can't even confirm with us that such pipe leakages actually exist, even after he had went to check on Madam Lee's unit. They also failed to provide any evidence on such leakages claimed by Madam Lee and her son. Management even disclosed our residential address to the nuisance neighbor downstairs, Madam Lee without our permission, as we received nuisance complaint registered mail letters from the neighbor, Madam Lee thereafter. Better approach the law enforcement officers to handle our issues. Absolutely a waste of our time & money paying maintenance fees to these people!!"
G***** Y**
Google Review     |   20 Jan 2021
"Extremely bad experience. Noisy, bad and inconsiderate tenants and owners both upstairs and below our unit. Our tenants couldn't sleep almost every night due to heavy foot stomping & dragging of furniture caused by the noisy neighbors upstairs and heavy cigarette smoke during the wee hours till dawn. Constant warnings and countless police reports didn't work. The management couldn't do much to help. We tried to speak to the owner who rented out to these noisy inconsiderate tenants, but she refused to cooperate and refuse to share the cost of installing soundproof ceiling for our bedrooms. In the end, we had to spend thousands of dollars on our side to install it. Unfortunately, our tenants still complained about the noise. Hence, we decided to get another soundproof specialist and he said the building is too old, such installation doesn't work. We also face with water leakages at our own unit and we need to get a plumber several times to have the pipes fixed and replaced new ones to ensure no more water leakages problems. Beside these problems, the nuisance owner downstairs, Madam Lee, kept complaining to us that water is leaking everywhere in her unit over the years. Our agent told her to contact the plumber herself since it's the plumber's company policy insist that the owner contact them directly, but she refused and insist that we call the plumber for her instead. Kept ranting and harassing us including our tenants for years, just because we couldn't contact the plumber on her behalf and whenever we ignored her nuisance complaints phone calls since it's not our responsibilities under Law to fix for her unit pipes. Her son who lived in the same block also being unreasonable by rebuking us, exclaiming "is it they've to wait for an accident to happen to his mum (i.e. Madam Lee) before we get a plumber for them!!" If their claims are true, we don't understand why they hesitant and refuse to call a plumber to get their own pipes fixed in the first place and kept insisting that we called the plumber on their behalf and also demanded we pay for their repairs. Yet, they spend years complaining the same issue repeatedly to us and refuse to take actions on their part to solve their own leakage problems. There were also no evidence of any leakages when our agent went over to the nuisance neighbor's unit to verify. When they were being questioned, they responded that they are concerned that the pipes will leak in the future and hence demanded us to get a plumber to have them fix immediately. They are just simply trampling over us, especially my mum who is the owner of our unit and is already almost 90 years old. They can't leave her in peace though we never offended them in the first place. They are simply troublemakers and absolutely insane. Too much stress due to nuisance and extremely unreasonable owners and neighbors around. Initially, we intend to take legal action against the nuisance neighbor downstairs and her son for harassing us all these years, but since we were also face with wear and tear problems in our unit due to aged of the building, we decided to sell our unit for good to upgrade to a newer one instead. Finally, peace at last!! (Btw, this is the same nuisance neighbor that Gloria Yee had mentioned earlier in this Google review.)"
S*** W** L**
Google Review     |   14 Jan 2021
"now the road opens up , big buses pass in & out. heavy traffice even late into the night. not so classy now"
J**** T**
Google Review     |   04 Jan 2021
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What is the nearest MRT Station to VALLEY MANSION ?
The nearest MRT Station from VALLEY MANSION is Somerset NS23 MRT

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