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10 reasons why The Interlace is not your typical development

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Last year, The Interlace beat hundreds of iconic buildings from around the world to clinch the prestigious World Build­ing of the Year title, which is considered the highest accolade in architecture, otherwise known as the architectural Oscars.
The project was lauded as a trailblazer for its bold, yet community-centric design, as well as its top-notch green features. Here are 10 things about The Interlace, that make it a one-of-a-kind development, well-deserving its world-class status and prominence.
The Interlace journey began in 2007 when a Cap­itaLand-led consortium acquired the site through a collective sale. Formerly known as Gillman Heights Condominium, the site’s outstanding attributes presented a unique opportunity to create a bespoke development.
The site sits atop a hill in a private enclave nestled within a 10-kilometre stretch of unspoiled greenery, the Southern Ridges. At the same time, it is a mere 10-minute drive to prominent nodes including the Central Business District, Buona Vista growth corridor, HarbourFront office and retail belts, National University of Singapore and Sentosa.
To realise the site’s full potential, the developers partnered Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and internationally acclaimed architect Ole Scheeren who is renowned for his bold, sometimes provocative designs as seen in his project repertoire including the China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing and the floating auditorium on Nai Pi Lae Lagoon in Thailand.
The Interlace sits atop a hill in a private enclave nestled within a 10-kilometre stretch of unspoiled greenery, the Southern Ridges.
As in other major cities, plain-vanilla buildings dominate the Singapore skyline for practical reasons. The Interlace could have been built as 12 isolated towers. However, Scheeren wanted to break the status quo and took a radical approach to “topple” the towers, making the vertical, horizontal.
Taking a leaf from the hillside villages of San­torini in Greece, Liguria in Italy and Al Hajjara in Yemen, OMA/Scheeren unveiled their formal design for The Interlace on September 4, 2009, which featured 31 interlocking super blocks, stacked on top of one another in a dramatic form.
Home sizes have shrunk over the years as land becomes increasingly scarce and expensive. Space is the ultimate luxury in a small city-state such as Singapore. Against this backdrop, each unit at The Interlace was designed to be unusually generous and efficient. Available three-bedroom-with-family units start from 2,056 sq ft while penthouses range from 3,488 to 6,308 sq ft.
In a similar vein, Scheeren arranged the blocks in hexagonal grids which allow for generous dis­tance between each home and maximum privacy. The site’s natural elevation also allows more units to enjoy unobstructed views. On the other hand, the interlocking design connects the residents together and nurtures a community spirit.
The Interlace is also built on an 8-hectare site, which affords every resident a much-needed breathing space.
Space is the ultimate luxury in a small city-state like Singapore. The Interlace units are designed to be unusually generous and efficient.
The criss-crossing blocks at The Interlace create a permeable façade and pockets of space, forcing winds to travel through them and increasing their speed. The process results in natural air-condi­tioning, making the development cool and windy all year round.
Scheeren also strategically placed water bod­ies along the wind corridors to further cool the development and enhance the quality of living at The Interlace.
The criss-crossing blocks create pockets of space, forcing winds to travel through them. This results in natural air-condi­tioning effect.
Each super block at The Interlace is supported by weight-bearing transfer decks that are capable of withstanding the weight of 10 Airbus A380 jetliners. This allows the super blocks to be safely stacked and criss-crossed on top of each other. These decks were constructed from High Performance Grade 80 concrete. The usual concrete grade used for buildings in Singapore range from 50 to 60.
The strong support structures mean doing away with unsightly support pillars and freeing up floor space to create a bigger living area.
6. 112% GREENERY
The Interlace is home to more than 170 species of flora, comprising about 1,200 trees, 14 super trees and 700 plants. Greenery was incorporated in multiple locations throughout the buildings, in the form of sky gardens and planted terraces as well as hanging off the vertical façade.
Together with the lush tropical foliage on the ground, The Interlace has green spaces that cover 112% of the development site area. As a result, there is more greenery on the site than before the project was built.
The buildings envelope 8 outdoor courtyards and provide shade, making them usable for communal and personal activities all day long.
Of the courtyards, the Spa Valley, the Bamboo Garden and the Lotus Pond courtyards form the quiet zones that are ideal for meditation and con­templation. The Spa Valley courtyard features a spa pool lagoon, Jacuzzi, waterfall grotto, massage pools and steam rooms, in a rainforest setting.
Spa Valley - one of the 8 outdoor courtyards at The Interlace - nestled in a rainforest setting
The other courtyards – Central Square, Water Park, Play Hills, Theatre Plaza and Waterfall Terrace – provide generous communal and interactive space for the residents of 30 different nationalities who call The Interlace their home.
The Central Square courtyard is a favourite meeting spot for family, friends and neighbours, with its proximity to the recreational facilities including gymnasium, billiards room and karaoke room. Budding athletes and sports enthusiasts can head to the Water Park and Waterfall Terrace courtyards which house a 50-metre lap pool, tennis courts and other facilities.
Children can nurture friendships from a young age at the Play Hills courtyard, which features sculpted groundswells and a play station, while their furry friends can stretch their legs at the pet zone.
The Interlace houses 8 retail outlets, including a mini mart, a bakery, a coffee joint and a nail spa, which offer daily necessities and services.
There is also a shuttle service from The Interlace to the HarbourFront MRT station which is the transit node for VivoCity and Sentosa.
Other lifestyle destinations in the vicinity include Alexandra Village Food Centre and ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, known for their local delicacies, as well as Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, Queensway Shopping Centre and IKEA.
One of the unique features at The Interlace is the 1-kilometre running track, which borders its sprawling 8-hectare site. The track connects the various courtyards and gardens in the develop­ment, and serves as fire access to all 23 lift cores within the project.
The track is well-lit into the night, making it accessible for avid joggers and time-strapped residents at their convenience.
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