12 Seriously Stylish Singapore Homes with a White, Black and Wood Colour Scheme

By Pei Ying / Renonation.sg | November 28, 2018 5:58 PM SGT
The white, black and wood combination can serve up a casual look too. In this apartment, the generous soft furnishings, textured black laminates fronting the cabinets and the rustic woodgrain surfaces conjure up a welcoming vibe that doesn’t feel too precious, making it the perfect retreat to lounge and relax in.
We are predicting that the colour combination of white, black and wood will take off in a big way next year. And why not? The look is incredibly timeless, and works with most themes you’re going for. We’ve put together a list of homes in Singapore rocking this palette so you can get a head start on this seriously stylish interior design trend.