7 Unconventional Ways to Decorate with Tiles

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When it comes to tiling, most homeowners have the mistaken belief that tiles only belong to the floors, kitchen and bathroom walls. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are many unconventional tile design possibilities for homeowners to fire up their imagination. Furthermore, tiles are extremely cost effective solutions when it comes to designing high human traffic areas.
Therefore, get ready to be blown away as we show you 7 unconventional ways to decorate with tiles! From Tessellated, Subway, Peranakan to graphic tiles, here are some of the trendiest tiled looks and where you can get your hands on them!
1. Leave the tiles uncompleted
Leaving the hexagon back-splash tiles uncompleted, injects a tantalizing raw edge vibe to an otherwise ordinary looking room. Try this unfinished look on kitchen, bathroom walls and even floors to take its interior design up a notch.
Image from Decoratrend
Image from One chitecture
Image from Felice kitchen.
2. Accent unexpected narrow spaces with left over tiles
Left over tiles need not be thrown away or collect dust in the store room. Inject little surprises into unexpected places with left over designer tiles to make an unforgettable impression. The kitchen backslashes and the narrow strips of spaces beneath the stairs are excellent places for you to start and let your creative juices flow!
Image from My Decorative
Image from Acme Records
3. Hang large tiles as abstract art pieces
Huge, beautiful textural tiles look sculptural and can double up as architectural art pieces when they are mounted on walls. This approach is the most effective for tall blank walls in the living rooms.
Image from Cereno Solutions
4. Jazz up boring table tops and bars
Use decorative tiles to upcycle an old table or bar with Peranakan or Moroccan tiles so that it will assimilate impeccably into your home design theme. Let your imagination run wild, be bold; mix and match left over or similar themed tiles together to achieve that seamless look.
Image from
Image from Consorthome
5. Use leftover decorative tiles as matching coasters or trivet
If the tiled table or drinking bar look is too overwhelming for you, simply re-purpose the decorative tiles as personalized coasters. Cut these tiles down to the size you want and apply a sealer to make them water-proof and last longer. You can also use the matching left over backsplash tiles to make coordinated trivets too!
Image from
Image from

6. Frame wall mirrors or photos
Spice up your wall mirrors or even photographs with left over glass Mosaic or Mexican tiles. These colored tiles can be used to frame wall mirrors and even photographs to add a touch of elegance to your home!
Image from Pinterest
Image from Couling
7. As feature walls
Tiles make a stunning style statement in your home when they are deployed as feature walls in the living room. In addition, as durable as they are beautiful, stunning 3D tiles are excellent choices since they introduce rich textures and colors when they spruce up an otherwise plain space.
Image from The tile curator
Image from Pinterest
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