Aurum Land keeps in step with business trends

Woh Hup Holdings, a privately owned construction and civil engineering group, has a long history that dates back to the 1940s. That has not stopped Michelle Yong, a fourth-generation family business leader in the group, from keeping its property development subsidiary Aurum Land up-to-date with changes in the business arena.
More than a decade ago, Yong took over Aurum Land and expanded it. In addition to property develop ment, its business portfolio now encompasses two co-working spaces — one catering to start-ups and corporates, and another bringing together fitness and wellness professionals — and an investment in a co-living start-up. “Aurum Land is now reinventing itself from being not just a property developer, but also to be a space and business innovator,” says Yong, who is its director.
Collision 8 co-working
Aurum Land’s co-working space business, Collision 8, boasts a diverse community that looks to scale their businesses together. Collision 8 has 277 members: 50% are start-ups; 15% to 20%, corporates; and 10% to 15%, investors.
Yong: Despite the function of the digital in the digital world these days, people still need that face-to-face interaction and personal touch (Credit: Samuel Isaac Chua/ The Edge Singapore)
When Yong founded Collision 8 two years ago, the co-working segment in Singapore was just starting to crowd, with big players such as WeWork and JustCo dominating the market.
“Our timing for Collision 8 was really bad,” says Yong. “We opened just when the supply was starting to take off exponentially, and the price war started."
“It is hyper-competitive, but I do believe there is a real demand for co-working. I don’t think this is a passing phase, as this is a new way that people want to work and it’s not just start-ups who think like this.”

Core Collective

With co-working in vogue, Yong takes an unconventional stand with Core Collective, a collaborative centre for fitness and wellness professionals and enthusiasts.
The common area on Level 22 of 79 Anson Road encourages interaction between personal trainers and their clients (Credit: Samuel Isaac Chua/ The Edge Singapore)
As a community and co-working centre, Core Collective fosters entrepreneurship, and facilitates...