Corporate real estate staff will return to office in waves, survey shows

/ EdgeProp Singapore
April 17, 2020 5:21 PM SGT
In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic that has forced employees to work from home, a survey has indicated that corporate real estate professionals would return to office in waves, instead of a one-off release.
US-based non-profit CoreNet Global surveyed 11,000 of its members across 50 countries to understand when they would bring their employees back — 84% of them would bring them back to the office on a staggered basis, while 16% would restart the workforce all at the same time.
Opinions were mixed as to when employees should return to the office. Of the respondents, 35% anticipate that employees will begin returning to the office in May, 30% think it will be June or later, and 33% are unsure.
65% of survey respondents report that they will consider it safe to return to the office when government stay-at-home orders expire. Meanwhile, about one in four respondents indicate that certain country, state or local thresholds must be met first, such as when there are no confirmed new cases for 14 days.
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