The Great Room and owners of Afro-Asia i-Mark adopt revenue-sharing model

SINGAPORE (EDGEPROP) - When Jalle Ang, CEO and co-founder of hospitality-based co-working provider The Great Room, viewed the location at the upcoming Afro-Asia i-Mark Building on Robinson Road, she was initially “very cautious”, she confesses.
This was because other co-working operators had already established a foothold in the Robinson Road-Shenton Way area, for instance JustCo’s flagship space at 120 Robinson Road just across from the building; WeWork at 71 Robinson Road next door; The Work Project at Downtown Gallery and Capital Tower (formerly Collective Works before it was subsumed under The Work Project).
However, Ang signed up for the space. “We like the CBD location,” she says. “It’s going to be the newest building there and a landmark.”
Taking up 37,000 sq ft at the new building also gives The Great Room the opportunity to create “a differentiated product”, adds Ang. “We have a good canvas to play with – the high ceiling, the good light. It is consistent with our vision of delivering a premium product.”
The Great Room at Raffles Arcade opened in August and is over 80% leased (Photo: The Great Room)

‘Premium market positioning’

Even though the co-working space is very competitive, “The Great Room stands out and has a premium market positioning compared to other players”, notes Tan Cheng Gay, who represents the Tan family of Afro-Asia Shipping Co, joint developers of the new Afro-Asia i-Mark Building with Shimizu Corp. “It has a unique proposition and should perform well. Jaelle’s training as an architect and her attention to detail – these are some of the factors that have made The Great Room a success.”
Tan also likes the fact that The Great Room has plans to open more spaces in the region. He remains positive about the co-working business. “The way these millennials work, they are carrying their entire office with them on their laptops,” he says. “They can work anywhere. They want to interact with people from other industries and exchange ideas. That’s why co-working – given the right ingredients – will continue to grow, despite the recent setback of WeWork.”
Tan sees the collaboration with The Great Room as a partnership. “We are hopeful that this partnership can turn out to...