HDB Optional Component Scheme (OCS) – Is It Worth Opting In?

HDB’s Optional Component Scheme (OCS) may come with useful perks, such as payment via CPF and a ready-to-move-in home, but is it really worth it?
If you’re planning to buy a new HDB flat, one of the first things you may end up needing to decide on is whether to opt in for the Optional Component Scheme (OCS). And while it seems like a cost-effective way to outfit your home with the essential finishes and fittings it needs, the truth is that going for the OCS isn’t always the right choice.
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Why, you may ask? It’s because there are alternatives – both price and design-wise – that might work better for you, your home, and your wallet. Keep reading to find out what your options are!

What you get with the Optional Component Scheme (OCS)

So, when we say ‘essential finishes and fittings’ that come with the OCS, what does that include? According to HDB’s page for Sales Launches in Jurong West, Sengkang and Kallang/Whampoa, the following can be bought under the scheme:
Source: HDB
1) Internal doors: For 3-room flats, this includes 2 bedroom doors and 2 bathroom doors (total of 4 doors) ; for 4-room flats and 5-room flats, 3 bedroom doors and 2 bathroom doors (total of 5 doors).
2) Flooring: Vinyl floor strips are provided for the bedrooms, while polished porcelain tiles are used in the living/dining area.
3) Sanitary fittings: This includes a wall-mounted wash basin with tap mixer as well as a shower set with a bath/shower mixer for both the common and master bathrooms.
Source: HDB