Life’s simple pleasures

October 13, 2014 10:12 AM SGT
SINGAPORE: For nature lovers, the Good Class Bungalow located in a quiet corner of Caldecott Estate is the equivalent of a tropical paradise.
And the lifestyle of its owners, a couple in their golden years, is something to be coveted.
Early in the morning, they enjoy breakfast in the garden, watching the birds pecking seeds or taking a bath.
“We have the resident birds and migratory birds, and if you’re a bird watcher, you could sit here all day,” says the husband.
In the evenings, when it’s cool, it is time to watch the sunset with a good bottle of wine and a chorus of bullfrogs in the background.
“We had friends over one evening and one of them thought we were playing a recording of an orchestra of frogs,” recounts the wife.
“But this is all part of nature. When you have a garden, you have living things.”
The owners, who have put the property up for sale, purchased it in 1989.
At that time, their two daughters were aged 10½ and nine.
They reckon the original house was built in the early 1970s.
They gutted it, installed new electrical wiring, new plumbing, and changed the flooring, kitchen and bathrooms.
Only the main walls of the house remained intact.
Veteran architect Tay Kheng Soon of Akitek Tenggara designed the property to suit their needs.
Tay designed a light-filled home and turned the walls of the living and dining rooms into doorways leading straight to the garden.
The kitchen of the original house faced the front garden, but the owners had it moved to the back.
In its place is now a light-filled room with a bank of windows and a door leading straight to the garden.
The current owners now use it as a prayer and meditation room, although it can also be turned into a study.
Off the living room, the architect had added a drawing room, with vaulted ceiling and exposed beams.
It was the music room when the children were growing up and they had a piano there.
Today, it is the TV room.
The double-storey house has three en suite bedrooms and a family room on the second level, with a guest bedroom on the first level.
The total built-up area is 4,500 sq ft, but it feels larger because of the indoor-outdoor design of the property.
The owners have the doors and windows open...