Live At The Height of Luxury With These 12 Stunning Condos

By Qanvast / Qanvast | July 6, 2018 3:00 PM SGT
It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a new or resale condominium, because the condos in this list prove that both have the potential to knock run-of-the-mill condo designs out of the ballpark. Whether you’re into the luxe life or enjoy understated designs that bring quiet comfort, there is sure to be something here to fall in love with!

New condominiums

1. Look like you live extravagantly without breaking the bank by taking a leaf from the page of this condominium apartment. Drenched in warm, caramel lights and using decor in complementary caramel shades, this apartment is the epitome of minimalist modern luxury.
Interior designer: Space Atelier
Cost of renovation: $28,000
2. When you step into an apartment as lively and full of character like this, it is easy to leave the toils of the day behind. This apartment effortlessly (and fearlessly) pulls off three different kinds of feature walls in the same space, by keeping its furnishings clean and clutter-free, and balancing the overall look with the use of bright, funky colours.