Live At The Height of Luxury With These 12 Stunning Condos

By Qanvast / Qanvast | July 6, 2018 3:00 PM SGT
It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a new or resale condominium, because the condos in this list prove that both have the potential to knock run-of-the-mill condo designs out of the ballpark. Whether you’re into the luxe life or enjoy understated designs that bring quiet comfort, there is sure to be something here to fall in love with!

New condominiums

1. Look like you live extravagantly without breaking the bank by taking a leaf from the page of this condominium apartment. Drenched in warm, caramel lights and using decor in complementary caramel shades, this apartment is the epitome of minimalist modern luxury.
Interior designer: Space Atelier
Cost of renovation: $28,000
2. When you step into an apartment as lively and full of character like this, it is easy to leave the toils of the day behind. This apartment effortlessly (and fearlessly) pulls off three different kinds of feature walls in the same space, by keeping its furnishings clean and clutter-free, and balancing the overall look with the use of bright, funky colours.
Interior designer: Space Define Interior
Cost of renovation: $45,000
3. There is something comforting about wood, perhaps of how it is gently evocative of Mother Nature. Harness its natural appeal by making it a prominent feature in your home. The wood planked wall that runs across the ceiling creates a deep visual impact, and is sure to be a rarely sighted design in local apartments, making it a real standout.
Interior designer: Poetus
Location: Balmoral
4. If playing hide-and-seek was your favourite childhood game, you might like this apartment’s bedroom door that blends right into the cool panel-design wall of the living room. The built-in display shelf by the side is also a great way of partitioning rooms, whilst giving the 1-bedder condominium a more open and roomy feel.
Interior designer: Elements ID
Location: Flamingo Valley
Cost of renovation: $55,000
5. Small living room? No problem! Deftly distract from its size by making it look as cosy as possible, with the use of plush sofas and soft, fluffy rugs that look inviting to the touch. Also, work the size to your advantage with furniture that look like they fit right in. In this apartment’s case, the use of elongated furniture pieces gives the impression that the living room space is adequately furnished and spacious enough for more.
Interior designer: Posh Home
Location 8M Residences
Cost of renovation: $28,000
6. Another ingenious way of opening the space in your apartment is to have sliding doors that separate the living area from the bedroom. Make the design transition effortlessly by keeping decorative accents and colours in the same family, so that it looks naturally like a visually cohesive and spacious unit. Venetian blinds are also a more modern and chic alternative to curtains.
Interior designer: 82
Cost of renovation: $120,000
7. Perfect for solo dwellers or couples without any kids, create an open and inviting enclave by going with an open-floor concept, doing away with any partitions or walls. Not only will your apartment appear bigger, you can also see what’s happening at home in a single glance – how useful for keeping an eye on multiple things at once!
Interior designer: Meter Square
Cost of renovation: $30,000

Resale condominiums

8. You don’t need the sun to get a golden glow, because your apartment can be washed in warm, luxurious golden tones too. Go for sandy colours and rich wood furnishings in a harmonious colour palette to achieve this look, and most importantly, choose warm lighting that will really help to set the mood.
Interior designer: 7 Interior Architecture
Cost of renovation: $215,000
9. You don’t need a lot to create an eye-catching yet comfortably liveable place, as this apartment shows. Keeping the furnishings down to the bare necessities helps to create a clean and clutter-free impression, and the bedside display shelf that doubles up as a desk is an ingenious way to get the most out of your furniture.
Interior designer: Summerhaus Dzign
Location: Eastvale
10. Create a whimsical apartment that feels like an expensive Airbnb by going for light, neutral colours and experimenting with lighting, such as down-lights and ambient lights. Decorate with a few pretty pieces, such as a pot of wallflowers or an unpolished vase to complete the carefree, holiday-at-home look.
Interior designer: Hall Interior
Cost of renovation: $100,000
11. Have a serious collection to show off? Built-in display shelves are one of your best bets, as seen from this Spring Grove condo apartment. Make your display shelf work by using a solid background colour so that it is less visually distracting, and your display pieces will really pop. The same goes for hanging art works on the wall too!
Interior designer: The Scientist
Location: Spring Grove
Cost of renovation: $140,000
12. An easy, sure-fire way to spruce up your apartment is to choose decorative pieces with interesting details, such as a large, sprawling patterned rug or lights with decorative baubles. When matched with a simple and clean backdrop, the result is a comfortable yet stylish home that looks effortlessly picturesque.
Interior designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Tanjong Rhu
Cost of renovation: $80,000
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