Making Room For 2018's Top Home Décor Trends

By Pencil Sword / EdgeProp | September 27, 2018 12:22 PM SGT
It is exciting to finally own a place. Here are some home décor trends to help spruce up the home, so you feel good every time you step right in.
Image courtesy of Rezt & Relax Interior.
1. Natural Wood
There is something about Japanese minimalism that we cannot get enough of. With Singaporeans’ love for all things Japanese, it is no surprise that more people are now embracing their design philosophy. Natural elements like pale wood against a white background immediately gives a sense of practicality and simplicity, without burdening our minds with visual clutter.
Embracing the open concept at home.
2. Home Without Borders
Another trend that has caught up is the semi-open layout. Having floor-to-ceiling walls replaced with half walls or open shelves creates an illusion of spaciousness, yet makes each space feel separate. With an open kitchen, homeowners will have a larger area to socialise and entertain guests.
Marrying modernity with greenery.
3. Concrete Jungle
The industrial look is all the rage. But the introduction of big leafy plants in the living space creates a nice contrast, and softens the harsh look of concrete walls and raw finishes. This trend is taking over entire houses this year.
Finding Your Own Inspiration
Ever heard of an inspiration mood board? Consider starting on one, as it will allow interior design firms to better visualise your dream home, and help you get there.
Here’s how you can get started:
1. Colours
Firstly, establish a colour palette. Colours can help achieve the feelings you want to evoke. Choose the ones that you’re comfortable with, and keep to three to five colours. This palette will become your guide when it comes to selecting colours for big furniture pieces, cabinetry, walls, flooring, and decoration decisions in the future.
Drawing inspiration from shared workspaces
Sprucing up the home with leaf illustrations
2. Furnishings & Decorations
Every homeowner wants his crib to feel welcoming. To achieve that, let us head to the streets for some ideas. Furniture stores are a gold mine for inspiration. Observe how they are playing with space, to create that inviting feel. Furniture boutique Commune is a great place to start for new homeowners, raring for design tips. Designer hotels and Airbnb homes can be a great source of inspiration too. Look out for details like furniture fabrics and bathroom fixtures that further reinforce the theme of your home.
Co-working spaces are everywhere. Unsurprisingly, these communal workplaces have been designed for thinking, working, and relaxing – exactly what every functional home should be.
Last but not least, accessories matter too. We are not just talking about decorative pieces, but functional items like a wall clock or plants. They are often taken for granted, but these little touches do help to enhance the space. Plant nurseries and lifestyle stores can give you insights into the trendiest foliage and latest design offerings, respectively. At the end of the day, you want a home that is truly you. So consult your head, listen to your heart, and go with the flow. Everything else will fall into place.